What We Do

Rattlesnake PTA works with the teachers, staff, and community of our school to provide both funding and in-person support for; special events, field trips, student and family support, classroom materials, and many types of educational enrichment. Without the continued support and effort of contributing parents and other volunteers, these events and services would not be provided at our school.

The PTA sets a goal to raise approximately $40,000 each year to provide full or partial funding for the following at Rattlesnake Elementary:

Educational Enrichment:
– Funds Drama and Theater programming by outside instructors – all grades
– Funds various assemblies, including Mr. G Science Show – all grades
– Sponsors Co-Motion Dance Project – 2nd grade. Matching the SPARK Art grant to fully fund this activity
– Facilitates Missoula Writing Collaborative – 3rd and 4th grades
– Provides a naturalist from the Montana Natural History Center – 4th grade

Events and Trips:
– Field Trips including bus fees, and admission costs as requested – all grades, with extra focus on Kindergarten and 1st grade
– Host of Annual Spring Carnival
– Host of Annual Spring Fun Run
– Co-Hosts Community Movie Nights

Student and Family Support:
– Funds a portion of the Family Connection Center (FCC) – supports students in all grades. The PTA allocates $1,000 per year to fund part of the salary for the FCC coordinator and para-educator.
– Provides financial assistance for gloves, coats, and other essentials for students in need

Teacher and Staff Support:
– Classroom Grants – all grades. $500 grant each year disbursed per classroom including Music, PE, Counselors, and MOA
– Provides $1000 to the school library, via fundraising at annual Holiday Book Fair
– Provides catering or potluck coordination for teachers during parent-teacher conferences
– Coordinates Teacher Appreciation Days

School Community Support:
– Provides financial assistant for the purchase of playground equipment when needed
– Supports the Rattlesnake Elementary Community Garden with $500 annual grant
– Provides volunteers for annual student vision and hearing screenings
– Coordinates school photo day (individual and class pictures)
– Green Team – recycling sponsorships
– Promotes school pride via Rattlesnake Hoodies and other school gear