Get Involved

There are many ways to Volunteer in the Rattlesnake School Community- please read below to better understand the three main ways you can volunteer!


The PTA needs you to be involved in our events, fundraising, and more! We cannot do it without you. The PTA hosts or helps with over a dozen community events, and coordinates volunteers for another five to ten additional school based needs (such as helping with the school photos), each and every year. All kinds of volunteers are needed- from small short tasks to major event coordination. The best ways to start getting involved are as follows:


The FCC uses volunteers for activities like packing EmPower Packs, preparing for and hosting Family Fun Nights, and for other special events and programs. Generally speaking, the PTA helps recruit volunteers for these needs, on the behalf of the FCC. If there is some particular task you think you’d be great at, please do feel free to directly contact Stacy at the FCC. Learn more about the FCC here.


General classroom volunteering typically starts after the first few weeks of school. Please note that not all classrooms request or need general volunteers- it definitely varies according to grade, teacher, and individual classroom dynamics. Your teacher will reach out to all parents to let you know when/if general classroom volunteers are needed.

If you want to volunteer your particular knowledge for a self-led lesson or classroom experience, you should directly talk to your teacher about how to best schedule and plan. Please keep in mind that scheduling is particularly tight in September, December, just prior to Spring Break (i.e part of March), and in May and June. Planning ahead with your child’s teacher will let you work with him or her as a team to ensure your time working in the classroom is a great experience for everyone!

Please note that in class volunteers (called a Supervised Volunteer) must sign a district volunteer form (see Volunteers that are working with students unsupervised are also required to sign more forms plus get a background check- speak with your teacher to get information on this important safety protocol.