Kindergarten Enrollment

  • Kindergarten registration is typically in March and April. Registration is important to ensure the school is prepared for the enrollment numbers and student needs. Learn more at the MCPS Kindergarten Registration page.
  • Incoming students must be 5 years old on or before September 10th. If you have questions about your child and this age requirement, please refer to our Administrative contacts list.
  • Kindergarten Orientation or Roundup is an event held for incoming Kindergarten families, typically in May each year. Look for emails or texts in April or early May for more information.

1st through 5th Grade Enrollment

Parents of incoming 1st through 5th students new to Rattlesnake Elementary should call the Rattlesnake School or MCPS Administrative Building. Please refer to our Administrative contacts list for further information.

Accelerated Students

MCPS has a formal process you can initiate to evaluate if skipping a grade or entering the school at an earlier age/grade is appropriate for your child. Please refer to our Administrative contacts list for further information.

Class Placement

Principal’s Note on Class Placement
“One of the most exciting tasks we have in schools is to create classrooms that present the greatest opportunity for all children to learn and succeed. Among the variables we consider are class size, gender, ethnicity, ability and exceptionality distribution, special learning needs, student personalities, and teaching styles. Each year teachers, counselors, and the principal work together to find an appropriate assignment for each student.

If you think your child has specific learning needs or unique considerations that should be brought to our attention, please let us know in writing. Please do NOT ask for a specific teacher by name but instead describe the environment you believe might best support your child’s learning needs. These letters will be shared with your child’s teacher next fall. In communications with your current teachers through this year, please do not name teacher preferences or solicit a teacher recommendation from your child’s current teacher.”