Concerned about a child?

If you are concerned about the welfare of a child, please read this page and decide what course of action you think is best for the situation you are seeing. Thank you for looking out for the safety and well being of our students and families.

If you have concerns that a student at Rattlesnake Elementary is not receiving adequate food, shelter, or clothing at home, please feel free to contact our school counselor Katelyn Scholle at (406) 728-2400 ext.4510. Ms. Scholle will follow up with the concern. After Ms. Scholle’s initial meeting with the student and/or family, she will contact the necessary professionals or resources in order to help meet the student’s needs. Due to the privacy regulations within the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you will not receive any follow up information regarding the student’s welfare or actions initiated by Ms. Scholle. The staff of Rattlesnake Elementary take every concern seriously. Thank you for your concern!

Any member of the community can report a possible case of child abuse by calling toll-free 1 (866) 820-5437. This number is the hotline for the Child and Family Services Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.