The PTA budget varies slightly from year-to-year according to available funds and the priorities set by the Executive Committee. The general categories and amounts as budgeted for 2017 – 2018 are listed below, with the amounts spent in 2016 – 2017 listed for reference.

For an overview of the activities that we fund in much greater detail, please visit the What We Do page.

Spending Category Budgeted 2017 -2018 As spent 2016 – 2017
Community Events $2,200 $1600
Academic Enrichment $10,250 $9,370
Teacher and Staff Grants for classroom needs and events $8,600 $8450
Financial support of FCC, and of other identified staff needs $10,500 $10,500
Administration/Overhead $550 $550

Please note that additional spending in the category of expenses incurred during fundraising (for instance, fees charged by the online fundraising site) are not listed in this chart.