May 2018 General PTA Minutes

May 2nd 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes
Attendance: Leigh G (P), Molly C (P), Anne T (VP), Alex S (T), Matthew N (S), Jen J (FCC), + 7 parents


  • Welcome and Call for Additional Agenda Items: What’s for lunch group requested time for item
  • April Funding Requests Update:
    • Renie Gibson (music) – $400, misc – Granted pending clarifications
    • K-Team $150 NHC buses, $150 Ag farm, WFF bus $75 – Granted as written
    • Lisa Thomas (K) -$301.28 new classroom rug from academic enrichment  – Granted as written
  • Past Event Updates:
    • Spring Fling: Raised approx $9k Gross, final tally TBD.
    • Garden Clean Up:
      • Thursday garden cleanup didn’t have as much attendance as expected
      • Future events might need better promotion and/or timing
      • Long term plan for ADA accessible garden surface- gravel is no good for wheelchairs
      • Yes, produce will be given away this fall like last year
      • All garden updates will be on the website like last year
  • Upcoming Events and Volunteer Recruitment:
    • K Roundup is May 18th 2018. Email to volunteer.
      • Additional volunteers are needed for Round-up.  2x per session
      • Additional needed for the table outside in 3x 1-hour shifts.
      • Children are welcome considering parents may not have child care, just be mindful that they are not a disruption to the Round-up events going on.
    • Family Fun Night in East Missoula will be Tuesday, June 5, 2018 
      • River of Life Church is providing their food truck
      • No additional volunteers are needed at this time
      • Will have pizza provided
      • Weather permitting, will include family portraits
      • Maddie Delaney from PE will help with kickball and other events
    • Running club has begun. Please email Emily,, to volunteer.
    • Teacher Appreciation week is May 7-11. Email Jacqui, to volunteer, Fruit platters and as well as chips other appreciated incentives.
    • Staff Appreciation Thursday for May is the 31st. Email Jacqui, to volunteer.
    • Fun Run is June 6th at 12:55-2:30, with course setup likely starting closer to 9:00am. You don’t need to be a runner to help- this event needs a wide variety of volunteers, from orange slicers to race course pointers! Email Emily,, to volunteer.Find more info on our Fun Run event page
      • Last year needed additional volunteers for the course
      • Also more water needs to be available for walkers.  A refill may be necessary.
      • Letting the kids vote on popsicle flavors has been positive.
      • There was some discussion of headbands vs shirts, for 2018 we considered doing “buff” style headbands to keep cost and time manageable, currently the prices is $3 per 450 kids for buffs, we’d need more sponsors approx $2k total generally for the $100 to $500 variety and their logos need to be sent to exact image.
  • Additional Item for Agenda: Nutrition for school “What’s for Lunch” committee (Carissa B)
    • Will review food choices pertaining to Lunch and Breakfast.
    • Pam will be meeting w/ Community to talk over ideas May 9th
    • Open to more parties at certain point but there is a desire to keep the group relatively small and manageable.  Suggested to bring in PE and Health teachers when ready
    • Would like to review if there are policies related to nutrition that already exist.
    • Do other schools have programs that we could copy?
    • Should also be tied to handwashing and hygiene initiatives.
    • Will the program be tied to a reward vs nutrition only?
    • Discussion was spearheaded by Carissa, Becky, Jen O, and Keila.
  • PTA New/Incoming Roles
    • Web design: Jen P has accepted request to take over website maintenance 2018-2019, will be training in May and June 2018
    • Swag: Brittney H has accepted request to take over swag 2018-2019
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant, Janel will be finishing up term in June 2018, if you are interested please reach out to someone on PTA leadership
  • FCC Update by Jen J
    • New FCC Coordinator will be needed for next year as Jen will be resigning.

Our next meeting is June 6th, 2018, at 8:30am in the FCC. Hope to see you there!


East Missoula Family Fun Night!

When:  Join us Tuesday June 5th 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm

Where: East Missoula Lions Club Park, 766 Michigan Ave, Missoula MT 59802

What: An evening of outdoor games with P.E. teacher Ms. Delaney and free food brought to you by the River of Life Church ‘Feed the Need’ Food Truck and the Rattlesnake Elementary School Family Connection Center.

Why: To kick off summer right!

The Feed the Need Food Truck is one of several different free food services for kids throughout the summer. Visit our Food Assistance page for the full list!

chive flowers

Adopt the Garden for a Week! Summer 2018

Volunteers are needed to adopt the Rattlesnake Elementary School Garden each week this summer!

Garden City Harvest is looking for Rattlesnake community members to adopt-the-garden each week of this summer. It will entail opening the garden for a couple of hours during the week, whenever it fits into the volunteer’s schedule. Light weeding, harvesting, and welcoming the community into the space are encouraged. Some perks of the job include taking home free fresh produce, enjoying the outdoors, and meeting new friends.

Sign up at:

For general information on the garden, as well as other summer events in the garden, visit our School Garden page.

garlic scapes and a knife on a cutting board

School Garden Cooking Class 2018

The Rattlesnake Garden Committee and Garden City Harvest will be hosting a garden cooking class on July 23rd 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm. Join us for this free, fun, and family-friendly cooking class in the garden. Together we will make a number of delicious recipes, enjoy the garden in the height of summer, and eat together as a community.

Space is limited!  RSVP at least 24 hours in advance to Garden City Harvest’s School Gardens Manager Amy Harvey at

For general information on the garden, as well as other summer events in the garden, visit our School Garden page.

Summer Camp Scholarship Ideas

Summer is just around the corner! If you need ideas for summer camps in and around Missoula, we suggest you visit our Summer Camps page. If you are looking for potential scholarships for camps, here is a list that was provided to us by our FCC coordinator!

Parenting Class: Helping Your Child Cope with Anxieties

Date:  Thursday April 26th, 2018
Time: 6:00p.m.-8:15p.m.
Location: Rattlesnake Elementary- School Library

Families First will lead us in a discussion on various techniques to help ease your child’s anxieties and fears of anything from new schools to spiders.  These learned coping skills will help your child navigate some of life’s stresses.

Please register online at or call 406-549-8765.  For FREE childcare reservations, or detailed information about the class topic, call 406-721-7690.

Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to meet class minimums and avoid cancellations.

Thank you to The Lifelong Learning Center and Families First for making this possible!

garlic scapes and a knife on a cutting board

School Garden Spring Work Party

What: Our Spring Garden Clean Up and Work Party!
When: Thursday April 26th 2018 from 2-5pm
Where: The northeastern corner of the school property, in the school garden.

Please join us and get our wonderful school garden ready for another GREAT planting and harvesting season.  We will be adding additional perennial flowers, herbs, and strawberries to the space and doing some spring upkeep. If anyone has too many strawberries in their home garden, we are looking for additional starts to add. Also, extra wheelbarrows, gloves, and shovels would be helpful, if you can bring them.

Download the Garden Work Day Plan here!

Last summer we were the most visited school garden for Open Garden day, we hosted a full dinner party featuring many garden items, and gave out over 500 pounds of produce to Rattlesnake families.  This does not happen without YOU!

We will have some tools and gloves for loaning out. Stop in, have some fun in the dirt, say “HI”, and come again when things get growing!

Community Folk Dance at Rattlesnake!

Back by popular demand, Rattlesnake Elementary is hosting their 3rd annual Community Folk Dance the evening of Friday May 4th 2018 from 5:30-7:30pm in the school gym.

  • Dances called by music teacher Mrs. Gibson
  • No experience needed
  • Open to all Rattlesnake families and community members ages 5 & up.
  • Pizza dinner provided by the FCC (first come, first serve basis), bring a dessert to share, or come as you are!

Admission to this family fun night is FREE!

kid shoes with foot shaped beads

Fun Run and Running Club 2018

The annual PTA led Rattlesnake School Fun Run will be on Wednesday June 6th 2018! This page contains information both on the Fun Run, and on the Running Club.

Running Club (April 24th – June 5th)

When: 8:00am Wednesday and Friday mornings, Tuesday and Friday afternoon recess (recess times vary by grade, 2 to 2:30)
What: Students are encouraged to run a loop, gradually increasing their distance. You should receive a permission slip that explains the details- return it by April 18th to allow your child to participate in the 8am runs.
Volunteers Needed: Parent helpers are needed to help the running club participants do their best! You do not need to be a runner to help. Contact Emily to volunteer- see permission slip for more information.

Fun Run (June 6th)

When: June 6th 2018, in the afternoon from 12:55-2:30
What: A Fun Run for all! Kids can choose to run or walk for 1 or 2 miles. Kindergartners all do the 1 mile loop.
Volunteers Needed: Parent helpers are needed in many ways for this big event. You do not need to be a runner to help! The sign ups are here: 
Running Course: there will be a 1-mile loop for kindergartners and walkers or anyone not up for 2 miles. This loop will take you through the neighborhoods surrounding Pineview Park. There is also a 2-mile loop open to 1st-5th graders.  This loop will take you through the neighborhoods, across the creek and behind the PEAS farm.  Both the 1-mile and the 2-mile course end in Pineview Park. The finishing area at the Pineview Park Pavilion will have a real running race finishers arch!

The fun run is a non-competitive event, and times will not be taken. If your child wishes to time themselves with a watch, they are welcome to take on that responsibility independently.

THANK YOU to all the parents that volunteer to support the training runs, Fun Run, and the event as a whole. You make this happen!

April 2018 General PTA Minutes

April 4th 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes
Attendance: Maggie W (P), Anne T (VP), Alex S (T), Jen J (FCC), + 11 parents


  • Funding Updates: March funding request for novels submitted by Ms Dombrowski, funding was granted. No other funding requests this month.
  • Events:
    • Spring Fling feedback– thanks everyone! We talked about how busy the cakewalk was, and discussed maybe charging $1/head to limit it a bit. Anne said the Basket Team was amazing this year- kudos! Just one item didn’t receive any bids, which is a pretty awesome result.
    • Teacher conference feedback– food was great, teachers said they really appreciated the sandwiches, chips, etc. Nice that they can take it in hand and run, if needed.
    • K Roundup is May 18th 2018.
      • Remember, NO SCHOOL for current K’s
      • The K parents will sign up for sessions, likely all in the morning
      • Need a few volunteers for Q&A and swag sales
      • Will need to update handouts, do inventory on magnets
    • Fun Run is June 6th 2018. Find more info on our Fun Run event page
      • Glitter pops is the idea again for treats. The kids might get to vote on the flavor (lemonade vs strawberry or similar).
      • Our Fun Run lead will be Emily L again- thanks Emily!
      • Fun Run will need volunteers for both the run (June 6 in the afternoon) and the training runs (Wed and Fri mornings at 8am, Tu and Fri afternoon recess, starting April 24)
  • How you can help:
    • Teacher appreciation week is coming up (May 7-11), Jacqui needs volunteers. Jacqui expressed concern her teacher appreciation volunteers may be stretched thin, maybe we need to pace ourselves better or get more participants. Michelle N volunteered to help get popcorn in the future from Kornutopia.
  • Leadership Positions
    • Amended charter by vote to allow for co-presidents by motion and vote.
    • Leigh G and Molly C voted in as co-presidents. Thank you Leigh and Molly!
    • Voted Matthew N in as secretary. Thank you Matthew!
  • FCC Update by Jen J
    • Special note: Bike Rodeo will be moved back to a FALL event, will not be this spring. Date in the fall TBD
    • East Missoula night- end of May, exact date TBD. Likely to be something like softball, with a local food truck.
    • Contra (Folk) Dance Night – May 4th, will include a dinner, Jen J and Renie will lead.
  • General discussion
    • Need to update the 2018-2019 PTA general calendar to include our first day coffee social on the lawn, this was a very popular event!

Our next meeting is May 2nd, 2018, at 8:30am in the FCC. Hope to see you there!