Back to School

Here’s our handy Back-to -School reference list:

  • After School Programs: Learn about our community’s After School Programs
  • Classroom/Teacher assignments: Your kid(s) assignment to a teacher and classroom will be sent out via paper mail before the start of the school year. Assignments should be sent out in the last two weeks of August.
  • Map: Orient yourself to the school grounds, wings, and landmarks with our School Map
  • Bus Routes and Schedules: Beach Transportation is the school bus company for Rattlesnake School. Your kid(s) exact times will be depend on neighborhood and position on the route. Morning pick up will be a consistent time that falls roughly 7:50am – 8:12am, and then drop off varies by grade as well as Thursday’s early outs. Find your specific stop, pickup time, and drop off time, on the Beach Transportation Map.
  • Enrollment: General Annual Enrollment information is on our Enrollment page
  • Contact the School: please refer to our Contact Us page for full detail