General Meeting  – Tuesday June 7, 2022

Attendees: Dana Hupp, Melody Nelsen, Janel Chin, Sarah Smith, Scott Dorsett, Lauren Sheetz, Kirstin Kuhnle, Jen Sheldon, Carrie Sweatland, Jen Oakland

8:15 a.m. – Welcome, Intros and Call for other items and approval of Minutes from past meetings and funding requests from teachers

  • Board APPROVED specialists funding request of $675 for end-of-year celebration (tied to “fish” good behavior program)
  • $675 request for 60 copies of Social Studies Weekly publication for kindergarteners next school year. APPROVED
  • Approval of $100-200 for Memory Book printing costs for 3I APPROVED
  • Proposal by past President Janel Chin to amend the Standing Rules to allow the President to pre-approve minor funding requests (that are less than a set amount, e.g. $100)? APPROVED

8:20 a.m. – Discussion of 2022-2023 Draft Budget and Vote BUDGET APPROVED

8:30 a.m. – Committee Reports and Updates

  • ROC: Status of removing paving stones (Pam mentioned a neighbor may want the stones)
  • ROC: New ideas for $2,284 in ‘Neighborhood’ grant funds (including ideas from Lori Blumenthal regarding same)

8:35 a.m. Events/Fundraisers

  • Draft 2022-2023 Events Calendar
  • Boosterthon / Running Club Debriefing: What went well, wrong, and how can we improve next year? Congratulations to the community for raising over $40,000!
  • Carrie Sweatland. Teachers overall thought it was very successful, well-organized.  Kids were really into it.  Kids really liked the running club in the morning and on the playground. Teachers grateful that it raised so much money. Some small comments about packaging of the incentives and materials.  Questions about what boosterthon made (2000 plus 25%).  Some concern about incentives being tied to fundraising and the disparity of which families were able to give and which families could not give to donations.  Some ideas about maybe PTA doing it at end of day before kids leave for home so that the disparity is less visible. Suggestion of maybe scaling back on the number of incentives b/c it was a little distracting during standardized testing time.  The biggest concern was the inequity apparent with the incentives.
  • Dana Hupp- some consideration of no incentives for students and instead doing whole school incentives that benefit everyone, realizing that this may lead to reduction in donations. 
  • Carrie Sweatland- suggested just decreasing incentives to students, but not getting rid of them altogether. 
  • Jen Oakland- would fall be a better time of year to do the boosterthon x 2 weeks?  Because it seemed to energize the school community so well.  Some concern about individual incentives.  Feeling that it did not motivate her kids.  

8:55 a.m.  Announcements

  • The next PTA General Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 1, 5:30 pm; General Meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m. next year, Child care will be provided
  • Thank you to our outgoing Board members!  Janel Chin and Shannon Murphy

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