Rattlesnake Fun Run 2022!

PTA is very excited to announce that Rattlesnake Fun Run will take place Friday, May 20th. The Fun Run will look different than in years past. This year PTA has teamed with Boosterthon to put on a fitness-based fundraiser. Students will have the opportunity to get pledges for the number of laps they will complete. Boosterthon anticipates most students will complete 35 laps. Thus, a pledge of $1 per lap would come out to $35. However, students can also receive flat donations. All students will have the opportunity to participate in the Fun Run whether or not they choose to get pledges.

Families will be able to register to participate in the fundraiser and enter donations at mybooster.com. Tracking donations, collections, and rewards will all occur online. Additional information regarding how parents can volunteer and participate in the event will be available on the PTA website in the upcoming weeks.  Additionally, your child will receive a “Giving Guide” on May 9th which explains the program further and how to register. The PTA’s goal is to raise $20,000. Chief Charlo and Jeannette Rankin schools each raised over $30,000 with this same fundraiser. The money raised will be put towards funding PTA’s annual budget items, including classroom teacher’s annual grants, teacher appreciation, and the school’s reading specialist.

Here is a quick video regarding the program:

 Support Program Overview For Families Outdoor.mp4

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