PTA Leadership Meeting Minutes – November 4, 2021

Attendees: Janel Chin, Dana Hupp, Melody Nelsen, Sarah Smith

Welcome, Call for other items and Principal/Teacher Updates 

Committee Updates Reports

  • Book Fair (Dana) – Still needing volunteers? Yes. Lucia is loaning ipads. Dana’s phone and Molly Cottrell’s phone will be used for swag. Robin is helping with wish lists on Tuesday
  • Battle of the Books (Dana) – Schedule adjustments to allow more time for students to practice. Some meetings will be after school to allow more time
  • ROC Discussion of top priorities to keep the space useable as we approach winter. Janel will talk with Jen Oakland about how many ROC funds are still available.

Funding Request Updates: Do we want to install an air quality monitor like we approved funds for last year so that we could have local outdoor air quality measures readily available to help inform decisions about students going outside on smokey days? Discussed using the funds for this that the school has for us for the 4th grade class. Tabling the issue for now. May consider contacting “purple air” later.

Health and Safety Discussion Items: 

  1. How can we minimize ‘close contacts’ when a student does attend school with COVID? Are seating arrangements consistent between the classroom, lunch and specials?
  2. Do we want to pursue overhead coverings and/or picnic tables to hopefully allow outdoor lunches to resume for at least a portion of students?

Upcoming Meetings: 

  • Next Leadership Meeting is scheduled for Thursday December 2nd at 4:30 p.m.
    • Does that work for everyone?
  • Next PTA General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday December 7th at 8:15 a.m. ish

Discussed gaga ball pit.  60% of teachers think it’s a good idea. Some concerns about safety and adult supervision. Heritage timber was going to be donating the lumber. Decided to table this because the yard is split now and staff to supervise is limited right now in midst of COVID.

Want to approve a tether ball purchase for the tether ball that is missing a ball

Need more small foam footballs, durable four square ball. APPROVED 300 DOLLARS FOR PURCHASE OF NEW BALLS.

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