PTA General Meeting Notes: October 6, 2020


Janel Chin, Dana Hupp, Judith Bledsoe, Jen Sheldon, Leigh Greenwood, Pam Wright, Christy Cheviron, Molly Cottrell, Shannon Murphy

Halloween Idea from Dana Hupp:

Individual bags of popcorn, gummies, pencil, packaged for each student.  Worden Thane has agreed to cover the cost. Pam said that paras can help assemble bags. 

New Office Support:

Erin Berryman is our new part-time secretary, working every day from 10-2.  Her email is

How can we thank Worden Thane? 

Pam Updates:

district is staying in hybrid until November, teachers and Pam feel this is manageable.  Benefits from the smaller classes: more focus, less distractions, getting more done, students experiencing more success.

Schoolyard Improvements:

funnel ball approved funding for, but the shipping costs are exorbitant – $500 for toy, more than $500 for shipping.  Now have: 4 hopscotch squats, tetherball, ping-pong style soccer, assorted balls, hula hoops, chalk.

Salmon Fundraiser:

Ryan Ashworth offered to help us do a large scale fundraiser for frozen, 1.5 pound filets, flyer is ready to go out.  Pricing sounds good. 

School Garden:

has been open to families, volunteers in the garden can check out the whiteboard for needed tasks.

Teacher Appreciation:

health and wellness gifts for teachers with lots of community support got a great reception. Pam says that the first week of November is intense for teachers prepping report cards, could be a good time to “stock the fridge” with individually packaged items.

East Missoula:

Distributing food there, banner and flyers hung in E Missoula to advertise food. YMCA and district working together in 2.5 rooms in Mt. Jumbo for extra support.  New MOLA program for full days there on Mondays plus kids off days.

Support Outdoor Learning:

Air sensor for school to make assessment on sending kids outside on smoky days, mystery? Reopen discussion in December in time for inversion season. Move forward with getting one if in fact we don’t already have one.

Sit Spots: mostly donations, have enough right now,

Survey of teachers completed to see how we could improve outdoor space.  Amphitheater area ideas: seating could be more comfortable, writing surfaces either permanent or lap desks, shelter for rain/snow, stage set with bricks or cement. Parents interested in helping?

School Website Calendar:

Add book fair, salmon fundraiser, send dates to Robin Nygren to add

Volunteer Needs:

Need a volunteer to shadow Leigh for Direct Donate in November, easy, online, simple way to support our teachers and school.  Great job for someone who wants to do all the work from home.

We will continue to have general meetings the first Tuesday of the month at 9am.

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