Adopt-The-Garden Volunteers Needed!

The Rattlesnake School Garden will be open to families after school this fall!

Thanks to Garden City Harvest, the garden is full of produce. Families are welcome to visit the garden and take home veggies during daily Adopt the Garden Hours. One family can sign up every day from Sept 21 to October 16.

Sign Up Here:

If you sign up for a school day, Adopt the Garden hours are from after school (2:30pm) to dusk. On weekends, you can come to the garden whatever time of day is convenient for you.

During Adopt the Garden hours, your family can enjoy time in the garden and do some weeding and harvesting.

Beginning in October, we will also be looking for families to help with “put the garden to bed” tasks. Please bring your own gardening gloves, tools, produce collection bag, etc. Due to COVID-19, new cleaning procedures and other measures will be in place to keep the community safe and healthy.

Only one family can sign up for Adopt the Garden hours per day. You’ll receive an email regarding access information, garden chores, and more, the week before your scheduled sign-up.

Thank you!

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