Principal Wright Email: Rattlesnake Return to School Updates

This is an online copy of Principal Wright’s email from 8/12/2020 for ease of reference

Dear Rattlesnake Families,

Last night the MCPS School Board approved a plan to begin the year in a hybrid model, two days of face-to-face learning and three days of remote learning.  The plan is for students with last names beginning with A-K, to attend school in person for the first block of the week, and students whose last names begin with L-Z will attend school in the second block*.  Each group will receive remote learning assignments from their classroom teacher for the other three days. During the hybrid model the school day will begin at 8:30 and end at 2:10.

With the first week of school being a short week, and two board approved “No School” Mondays to follow, here’s how the calendar will be adjusted for the hybrid model.  You will also have the option to choose the Missoula Online Academy, our 100% remote learning option.  At the end of this email, you will find a link to more information on the Missoula Online Academy and a link to register.

Hybrid Model Schedule – Week 1

August 26: Kindergarten Only Day

August 27: A-K Day

August 28: L-Z Day

Hybrid Model Schedule – Week 2

August 31: Professional Development Day for Teachers/No School

Sept. 1 & 2: A-K Day

Sept. 3 & 4: L-Z Day

Hybrid Model Schedule – Week 3

Sept. 7: Labor Day/No School

Sept. 8 & 9: A-K Day

Sept. 10 & 11: L-Z Day

Hybrid Model Schedule – Week 4

Sept. 14: Remote Learning Day for all

Sept. 15 & 16: A-K Day

Sept. 17 & 18: L-Z Day

The calendar from here on out will depend on which phase of the Covid-19 response plan we are in. For more information on the MCPS plan and phases for re-opening, visit the MCPS website here.

Thank you to everyone for your patience. There will be more information to come about the first weeks of school. Please watch the Rattlesnake Website, the MCPS link in the paragraph above, and email.  Once we have an enrollment count for who will be participating in the Online Academy and Hybrid Model, we’ll finalize class lists. Look for an email with class teacher assignment at the end of next week, for those participating in the hybrid model. Missoula Online Academy’s teacher assignments will come out later, since their first day will be September 2.

Here’s the Missoula Online Academy information and registration link.  Registration is open from August 12 – Sept. 4**. If you still have questions after visiting the link, please let me know.

Again, I appreciate all the community support for Rattlesnake Elementary. We are here for you, so please reach out with questions or concerns.


Pam Wright, Principal

*the original email from Principal Wright had a typo in the first paragraph regarding what days each block attended- to reduce confusion, we’ve fixed that error in this copy of the email.

** the end date for registering for the Online Academy has since been changed to Sept 4th 2020.


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