End of Year Details

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Thank you for the work you have done over the past several weeks to support your child’s learning at home. You have done an amazing job in such a short period of time. As we enter the final few weeks of instruction, I know many of you are worried about securing items that may still be at school. Keeping that in mind, we have worked to develop a plan that ensures that personal belongings from school may be retrieved, and computer devices and library books can be returned, all within social distancing guidelines.

The teachers and staff have spent time clearing desks, lockers, collecting books, artwork and other materials. Each student has at least one shopping bag of things. We strongly encourage you to pick up the materials

In order to facilitate a safe pickup and drop off of materials, we will utilize the following guidelines.

Curbside delivery of student belongings: On June 8th, 9th and 10th we will offer a curbside pickup to retrieve any personal items or supplies belonging to your child. (*See schedule below)

How will curbside pickup work?

● You will pull up to the assigned location during the assigned time. We will have staff members standing outside to get name(s) of your student(s). We will then bring student materials to your vehicle to be placed in the trunk or back seat. We are trying to respect social distancing and to keep contact to a minimum. If you decide to walk to the pick up, please wear a mask. (Homeroom teachers will be packing up materials, but they may or may not be there for curbside pick up.) If there are specific items that need to be included, please let your child’s teacher know.

● Siblings: For families with more than one student at Rattlesnake, we will have you pick up all materials at the youngest student’s designated spot/time. Example: If you have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader – you would go to the 1st graders pick up spot for pick up of both students’ belongings. For twins, please pick up at the first scheduled time.

Returning library books and technology devices:

From Tuesday, May 26-Thursday, June 4, between 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., there will be a library cart outside the front office doors for book returns. We’d like to collect as many library books as possible before the last week of school in order to complete end-of-year inventory. Please return books to Rattlesnake during these times if you are able to do so. We will also be collecting library books during curbside pick up on June 8, 9, 10 as follows:

● Book carts will be placed at pick up locations.

● Place any “checked-out” books that you are returning in the carts

● Books will be quarantined for a period of time and scanned in at a later date

All technology devices must be returned during curbside pick up on June 8, 9, 10.

● Staff will be available to receive laptop/chromebook/wifi hotspot and document device return.Send to: pcwright@mcpsmt.org


Please try to make it during your designated time to keep traffic flowing smoothly. If you can not make it during your designated time window, you will need to make alternative plans to pick up materials. Contact Mrs. Wright at pcwright@mcpsmt.org for an alternate time. If your pick up location is on the Mountainview side, please plan to drive down and turn around like the buses do, so that your passenger side is along the curb.



Evenson – Monday 9:00-11:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Lee – Monday 9:00-11:00 -Front of School/Pull-thru

Rieley – Monday 11:00-1:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Thomas – Monday 11:00-1:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

3rd Grade

Kast – Monday 9:00-11:00 – Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)

Loewenwarter – Monday 11:00-1:00 -Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)

Matz – Monday 1:00-3:00 – Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)

1st Grade

Decker – Monday 1:00-3:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Petrini- Monday 1:00-3:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru


1st Grade

Shell – Tuesday 9:00-11:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Walsh – Tuesday 9:00-11:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

2nd Grade

Dombrowski – Tuesday 11:00-1:00 Front of School/Pull-thru

Sayler – Tuesday 11:00-1:00 Front of School/Pull-thru

Jarvis – Tuesday 1:00-3:00 Front of School/Pull-thru

Harris – Tuesday 1:00-3:00 Front of School/Pull-thru

4th Grade

Pierce -Tuesday 9:00-11:00 -Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)

Sweatland – Tuesday 11:00-1:00 -Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)

Wright – Tuesday 1:00-3:00 -Mountainview Drive (Bus loading/unloading area)


5th Grade

Ibis – Wednesday 9:00-11:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Koster -Wednesday 10:00-12:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

Larson -Wednesday 11:00-1:00 – Front of School/Pull-thru

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