November General PTA Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary General Monthly PTA Meeting

November 5, 2019 8:30am FCC

In attendance: Becky, Michelle, Shannon O, Dana, Judith, Maureen, Stacy, Molly C, Jessica, Pam, Heidi, Estee, Lucia.

General Notes:

Judith presented upcoming volunteer opportunities:

  1. Spirit Gear sorting before Christmas (probably the first or second week of December), contact to volunteer or reach out to Brittany directly
  2. Book Fair – Sign Up Genius is now open, volunteers needed
  3. Co-lead of Direct Donate needed, contact to volunteer or reach out to Leigh directly

Michelle N presented on 2019-2020 grade-level liaisons progress and notes

  • Michelle is working on a card for your wallet to remind you to ask them to credit your purchase to Rattlesnake
  • Will be pushing Amazon Smile for fundraising and also wish lists
  • 4th grade is getting a traveling trunk from MNHC, parent has donated to cover the cost
  • Feedback from teachers is need for more books in each grade, Maureen Lowenwater thought non-fiction books were more needed
  • 4th grade is considering a field trip to volunteer at the Food Bank
  • 5th grade will need an extra bus for the spring Butte field trip
  • Fire Science curriculum will be presented to several grade levels
  • Not sure if the liaison parents want their email addresses public

Pam presented on new Wellness Guidelines coming from the district

  • Generally promotes physical activity
  • Will follow best practices of removing food as a reward
  • Will be implemented fall 2020

Estee presented on the Battle of the Books

  • 4th and 5th grade competition of 12 books read over the course of a year
  • First meeting for the kids is Thursday 11/7, need a permission slip to join
  • Would like to get 5-6 copies of each book for the school, which would cost $350-400
  • -Judith said the board had talked about it and will fund the cost. Can be built into the PTA budget in future years so it’s not reliant on parents paying out of pocket (what they did last year)

Dana presented on MCT play

  • Play will be Peter and Wendy and take place Feb 3-6th
  • 60 kids will be in the performance
  • 1 performance during school on Friday, one Friday night performance for families
  • Should we sell tickets of ask for donations for the performance? Open for discussion
  • Cost will be $40 per kid that is in the performance, with scholarships available

General discussion of food being provided for Parent Teacher Conferences

  • Ali is the lead on this, and will circulate a Signup for food

Judith showed the new Rattlesnake t-shirts that are for sale for $20. Proceeds will cover the cost of a staff t-shirts.

Adjourn 9am

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