October General PTA Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary General Monthly PTA Meeting

October 1, 2019 8:30am FCC

In attendance: Leigh, Michelle N, Jen O, Janel, Judith, Jessica, Kirsten, Carrie, Stacey, Dana, Kate D, Molly C, Matt N, Shannon M, Shannon O, Kristie, Lucia, Pam.

General Notes:

Teacher Update: Carrie Sweatland had questions re: gmail contact list, PTA email system: Need to update teacher and parent list to reflect current teachers for 2019-2020

FCC Update: Volunteer slots for picture day are taken.


Re: Bike Rodeo, still no event coordinator has been found to lead bike rodeo- delegation. Kirsten and Shannon will meet with Leigh will meet re: delegating tasks. (NOTE: after this meeting adjourned, a decision was made to move Bike Rodeo to Spring 2020)

Welcome Caitlyn Scholle! Our new school counselor.

Volunteer needs: people to sort beef jerky once it arrives. Reach out to Lucia, if interested. Sorting may need to occur over the 4-day weekend.

Family fun night with Animal Wonders- 10/24 in school gym from 6-7:30pm: greeters needed.

Spirit Gear Sorting- volunteers needed in early December, ~1-2 hours needed to sort. Reach out to Brittney if you can help.

Book Fair Nov 12-14. Will need volunteers to work the fair. Ali will coordinate.

Discussion of budget and voting. General Budget was approved for 2019-20 school year. If anyone wants to participate in budget building, anyone is welcome. It happens in May-July for the coming year.

Idea of boomerang folder and school supply return/re-use/recycling. Will revisit in April when it is more relevant and we can make a plan.

MCT production update:

No try-outs, grade 1-5. Names are drawn and those who are not drawn, are added to a list for future programs. Would be a Mon-Fri after-school program. Lots of supervision help would be needed from volunteer parents. Parent supervision would be available for the 3:05-3:30 time gap, via volunteers.

Funding from school or PTA would not be necessary: ~$3000 total cost will be covered via other funds. Washington Corporation is willing to provide funding, at Lewis and Clark School there is a $40/student cost with scholarships available. And local business is willing to provide backup funding. Dana is willing to be event coordinator. Timing would be between Jan-March. Available dates and programs:  Feb 3-8 Peter and Wendy. 60 kids can be in the performance. (NOTE: after the meeting, these dates were confirmed)

Brainstormed ideas to make it a fundraiser opportunity: sell flowers at event and/or actor/actress photos?

Michele N: 8 parent volunteers part of “teacher/liaison team;” one assigned to each grades.  Team’s focus is communicating with teachers and identifying classroom/grade “needs” such as supplies or field trips, and then working on meeting those needs through applying for grants, asking for local donations, PTA support, ect.  

Update on Amazon Smile: each teacher can create their own “wish list” where parents can go on and purchase supplies needed for classrooms, and PTA can benefit from some fundraisers.  Anne G is going to create accounts for each teacher. A majority have discussed needing book sets. Keep Pam in the loop re: what types of items are on the list.

There is an account at Book Exchange for parents who want to donate books, the credit then builds up and the PTA gives it to teachers upon request.

PE (Delaney) may request funds for a mindfulness program.

Discussed grants available and to be applied for- Garden Grant and Bee Grant are a few, of many.  

ADJOURN 9am.  


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