September Leadership Meeting Minutes

September 18, 2019 PTA Leadership Meeting

In attendance:  Leigh G, Judith B, Jen O, Shannon M, Stacy J, Pam W, Brittany, Carissa

Treasurer’s Update, Shannon:

  • A few items where costs came in lower than expected: library
  • Total income 2018= $38,000 (to be used for 2019-20 budget), total costs $32,000 (from budget meeting). Currently at $33,600 in budgeted expenses as of meeting date due to some miscalculation in initial budget. FCC budget $7,400 with $250 EMpower (grants available?), $6,900 for Stacy’s position budgeted, will not be all spent this year (most likely). 
  • Money from district= Stacy purchases Gas cards, Albertsons cards ($300 in gift cards).
  • Student support= instrument rental, class pictures, etc.
  • According to MT PTA state rules, entire PTA is supposed to vote on the budget.  Propose to update budget on website and re-vote at October PTA general meeting.

Discussed T-Shirts for staff and students:

  • Decided to sell a “limited edition” number of tee shirts for kids at $20 each, with proceeds benefiting staff spirit tee shirts (approx. 60 x $5 from Garage Tees, with a donation on the printing costs). Agree to order tee shirts for staff as part of initial teacher appreciation. (Stacy will get sizes from staff, and will share with Jen O to order from GT)

Carissa: Smarter Lunchroom and related efforts:

  • Work-order for new paint was denied by MCPS. When we need new items (tables), etc does funding come from MCPS or school? MCPS- issue is that it is a multi-use room (gym AND lunchroom). Question for trustees or district: primary use should be for students to enjoy lunch vs renting out facility for other uses (after-school hours gym rental). Change color, hang nutrition posters, limited in part due to multiuse.
  • Pam: things we can do= mural, round tables, bulletin board, nutrition posters.
  • New nutrition workgroup, revised nutrition and physical activity guidelines: per Pam, will be rolled out to Principals>Teachers/Staff>Parents. This is a later rollout than initially planned due to district based delay.

Stacy J, Family Fun Night update:

  • Animal Wonders community activity will be Oct 24th 6-7:30pm at Rattlesnake.

Question on PTA-sponsored assemblies/events: 

  • Suggestion to go with interactive assembly, rather than a “show”. Interactive might be SpectrUM, G Wiz (?) Science Display, MT Natural Hist, Wild Rockies Birds of Prey. 

Bike Sale benefit idea, related to Bike Rodeo too: 

  • Teacher Char S’s husband owns/manages(?) Big Sky Bikes, and discussed selling used kids’ bikes from their inventory- possibly at the Bike Rodeo, with a donation of $15/bike to the PTA. 
  • Still need someone to run the Bike Rodeo! Ideas= Missoula Mammoths, MT Alpha?

Beef Jerky team: 

  • Going well so far. Sales run thru Oct 1st, volunteers will be needed to sort and bag in mid October. Three volunteers this year running it, maybe one or two needed to bag.

School Pictures:

  • Volunteers will be needed for school pictures on Oct 3. Volunteers get a free premium photo package in exchange for volunteering!

Book Fair: 

  • Potential dates are 20-22 Nov. or days of parent/teacher conferences (Nov 12, 13, ½ day 14th).  Need to confirm that Laurie is able to do this year and if those dates work for her and for Fact and Fiction.


  • 5/0 vote to pay garden committee for new garden beds for school garden.
  • Discussion of teacher grants that are open. Decision to wait on second $150 for Louquet and Luther until Pam has had a chance to find out if district materials can cover this need.
  • Brittany will open a new fall spirit gear order- need to figure out when is the best time for both scheduling and getting it all done prior to winter break.

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