September General PTA Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary General Monthly PTA Meeting

September 3, 2019 8:30am FCC

In attendance: Leigh G, Judith B, Molly C, Shannon M, Jen O, Stacy J, Lucia T, Dana H, Matthew N, Heidi and Ryan K, Erin B, Janelle C, Carissa B.

In need of a volunteer coordinator: Mostly home-based and sending emails and entering in  Reach out to someone on exec if interested. It’s a good way to get to get to know parent community😊  It’s also possible that PTA can directly reach out to recruit volunteers if we cannot identify a VC. (note: this position now filled, 9/27, by Alison D, thank you Alison!)

Beef Jerky fundraiser: Erin and Heidi will work with Alex to get forms, etc. And will recruit volunteers to help sort and collect forms. Lucia will assist as well.  “Reward” for top fundraisers will be a limo ride to the Carousel and Dragon’s Hollow with Pam Wright.

Bike Rodeo: date TBD in mid-October. Parks and Rec will set up a mobile bike park and volunteers set up other aspects. 

  • Helmet-fitting station and bike flare station- Stacy said that we have a supply of helmets and bike flare supplies available from last year. 
  • Matthew indicated that Montana Brain Injury Alliance can offer helmet-fitting station. Also idea of hosting several Bike tuning stations.
  • Reminder from Stacy to communicate to families that parent supervision is required at this event and Stacey will look into requirements for parent volunteers need for background check.
  • The Cycling House possible sponsor and assistants?

Teeshirts and Swag: Judith has worked with Andy S to create a t shirt logo design that is super rad. Stacy asked if it might be possible to get Rattlesnake School t-shirts for staff?  Will look into possibility of getting those for staff…

New Parent-Grade PTA Liaison position: discussed that Michele N will be leading and has a group of interested parents identified.

Fundraising committee: In the works. A spreadsheet with grant opportunities has been created in google docs to track and monitor grant opportunities.

Dana and Jen presented idea of MCT after-school “play in a week:”  50-60 kids selected to participate and after-school practices. Afternoon performance for school, one in evening for parents.

  • Questions: Do we have the volunteer power for this? And way to address exclusivity issue with kids getting “cut.”
  • Move forward by Dana discussing idea with Principal Pam and move forward with gaining more information on costs, grants, etc. To share at next PTA meeting.

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