March 2019 General PTA Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association

General Meeting Minutes for March 5 2019 from 830-9am in the FCC


Leigh (CoP),  Molly (CoP), Judith (VP), Stacy (FCC), Pam (Principal), Maureen (Teacher Rep), Carrie (Teacher Rep), Kristie (Boundary Study Rep), + 5 additional parents

Items as Discussed

    • Welcome and intros
    • Call for other items
      • No additional items to be added to the agenda
    • Teacher Rep Updates
      • Touched briefly on donations for the baskets/auctions and how the teachers felt that process was going
        • Becky was not available for an update as she was consolidating donations.
        • Also had some monetary donations come in for baskets, used mainly to cover costs of basket materials.
      • Parent teacher conferences have been going smoothly, although sticking to 15 min has some difficulty.  
        • Question was raised of what to expect when your student is part of the conference (3rd grade and up, optional).
        • Dinners have been changed to offer also fresh fruit, salad, and salad in addition to some donations.
        • Volunteers have been slower this year to fill up the roster.
        • 40 staff members are the goal for bringing enough food.  Market on Front will offer some donations.
        • Consider saving the gift card donations for teacher appreciation week in May.
        • Next years sign up will be sent to the broader public for sign ups (suggestion to encourage Teacher Appreciation Committee signups twice a year)
    • FCC updates
      • Boxtops came in just over 9000 so we raised just over $900.
      • Yearbooks will be offered this year as part of the school photo process.  Will be part of a fund raising effort with the PTA. We do have a new vendor for individual and classroom photos that will hopefully make the process easier and better.  Each class will get their own page for candid and activities.
      • There was some discussion as to are we allowed to include photos for all kids and what would the process be to add that.
      • Stacy will ensure students with a “no photo” note on file will have that need respected in the yearbooks
      • Open to parents to include broader pictures, there will be a call for photos later in the spring
    • Principal’s update
      • Boundary meeting has several more meetings (see:
      • Also has begun a search for a new superintendent.  Will be having several meetings regarding the search and requirements for that position. Mark Thane is departing at the end of this school year.
      • Kindergarten Round Up has been delayed due to the boundary study and possible changes.  Registration in years past has been conducted in conjunction with Parent Teacher Conferences and Round up will be in the evening this year.
      • Kindergarten Registration is delayed due to the boundary study (NOTE: K Registration is NOW open, see:
    • Boundary Study (Kristie)
      • The next open house will be March 21st 6-8pm at Russell School. The committee met last Thursday.  Demographic study was farmed out to a group out of state. They did produce some maps and all are now available online-  it breaks down all the schools and forecasts for the next 10 years. See:
      • Demographic study indicates Rattlesnake is currently peaking in population and will decline in future years.  Currently all options are on the table as for as decisions and recommendations.
      • Walking and busing routes are part of the process and conversations currently.  There will be some changes in at least some parts of the district, and inevitably some people will be unhappy.  Some changes may be deemed unnecessary. Rattlesnake’s high populations may resolve naturally according to the demographic projections.
      • Other neighborhoods are starting to present their opinions, ideas, and feelings.  Parents from every neighborhoods were represented which provided the cross section of worries and thoughts.
      • On the 21st  (Russell Elementary 6-8pm, Open House format so all are welcome to come and go) the initial proposals for the boundaries will be presented.
      • The comment and interactive map is now closed.  The Open House is now the best way to present and write down thoughts and ideas.
      • There is a lot of process, there are parents  involved but experts too.
      • Some of the issues regarding safe routes and busing.  Busing as far as schedules and releases needs to be brought up in comments and proposals.  
    • Spring Fling Planning (Judith/Molly)
      • Promotions – The first flier has gone home.  
      • A follow up promotions with schedule will be sent out shortly
      • The morning of the Spring Fling, Pam will send out additional announcements with Erik’s help.
      • Vinyl banner is ready, will be hung with balloons.  We will start to see fliers around town.
      • Decorations will be simplified and more cost efficient this year.  Students will paint the majority of them as well as some decorations recycled and donated.  Hay bales are needed, will be supplied by a volunteer’s family.
      • A Saddle may be made available for the photo booth and will need to be finalized.
      • Activities (funds will go to PTA in a donation format for activites, or via traditional means for raffle and auction)
        • Face painting
        • Prize walk – Not just cake this year, instead it will be a mix of small prizes and cupcakes
        • Country dancing – with instruction
        • Wooden toys
        • Raffle
        • Photo booth


  • In need of Volunteers – in particular set up/clean up.  Has been sent out to the whole school.  Kids can run around during set up, kid friendly.


    • A lot of pizza has been donated along with Albertsons and Costco. We do need coolers to be volunteered.
  • Quick Update
    • Treasurer Status Report – Not available
    • Fun Run – Emily has stated she will run the event again.  Although she cannot do both the before school, and the recess, running clubs.  Will go one or the other or we need some additional volunteers. Starts in April, FCC may be able to coordinate for volunteers.
      • Will not do T shirts, cost prohibitive.
      • 3 rivers dentistry will have a hand out for tooth brushes to go along with popsicles
      • Other sponsorships may come through- PTA will finalize those in early April
      • May do a drawing contest to be included in the final graphics for the Sponsor acknowledgement, design TBD.
    • Wellness Committee Updates – Carissa
      • There have been some tineline changes that will be discussed at the leadership meeting.
      • Will ask Pam to make some changes  to see what we can affect and the district may or may not be in position to perhaps implement on a larger scale. And will be implemented in the fall in the earliest.  
      • Will have some desire for painting the cafeteria and may have a mural as part of the process.  Test paint runs approx. $5 and may be a request to the PTA to fund.
      • May include a contest to name the cafeteria
    • Spirit Gear Updates – Brittany has ordered some smaller items.
    • Dates of Note and Open Discussion
      • All are welcome to attend Leadership meetings
      • March/April Leadership will be after April 2nd due to Spring Fling and Spring Break schedules- likely mid-month in April.
      • PTA General meeting for April will be April 2nd. 8:30 in the FCC


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