February 2019 General Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association

Meeting Minutes for February 5 2019 from 8:30am-9:00am


Leigh (CoP),  Molly (CoP), Alex (T), Matthew (S), Judith (VP), Stacy (FCC), Pam (Principal)+ 10 other parents

Items as Discussed

Wellness committee Updates

  • Provided some updates related to the district.
  • The latest meeting included school principals
  • The meeting did establish an estimated timeline for admin/comment this spring

Principal Wright’s Announcements

  • English language and arts curriculum has changed district wide
  • The new curriculum focuses on small group reading and writing.
  • Also provides standards and overview

Teacher announcements (skipped- teachers were unable to attend this month)

FCC updates

  • East Missoula Family Night was successful
    • E Msla families like the proximity
    • Board games always a good time
  • Lost and found will be donated at the end of the month, PTA will announce on FB
  • Box tops so far are approx. 5000 collected, which is about $500
    • Last year amounted to approximately $1100 net, hopefully more will come in

Spring Fling planning

  • We will have the same theme as last year (Hoe Down)
  • Need donations for the action.  Sponsorship financial donations are also being solicited this year.
  • Spreadsheets are available to solicitation volunteers to stay organized
  • Alcohol as a donation
    • Alcohol can be auctioned, however cannot physically be present on school grounds.
    • Donations from bars and restaurant are acceptable so long as they don’t visually promote alcohol
  • Decorations
    • In years past have been time consuming and perhaps not the best use of time- maybe scale back a bit on decorations
    • Kids can volunteer and make posters/decorations
    • There are some decorations from years past on hand in the FCC
    • Teachers like to be kept in the loop on setup of decorations to minimize disruptions
  • Volunteers are needed for set up/operations/cleanup
    • A signup genius will be established for volunteers


District Boundary Study Update by Rattlesnake’s Parent Representative, Kristie S

  • The first official committee meeting noted a lot of concern regarding impacts
  • Involvement and transparency are a key aspect of the current process
  • This effort is meant to create a 10 year plan
    • Attempt to prevent unnecessary transfers of kids to non-neighborhood schools looking forward.
  • Webpage has comments/notes/updates (https://www.mcpsmt.org/elementaryschoolboundarystudy)
  • Rattlesnake is currently at 96% capacity
  • Rattlesnake’s community meeting in January was the best attended of all the elementary school meetings.
  • The discussion does include the concept of Mount Jumbo possibly being reopened- this will be dependent on population and other needs/conditions.
    • The district is currently renting unused space as the population grows
  • Lowell is currently at 62% capacity.
  • Safe Routes to School conversation- noted that the city has some money, but currently improvements in some areas such as sidewalks are the responsibility of homeowners.
  • The Open House meetings will go from start to end as scheduled, but participants can come and go and there is not necessarily a structure or presentation to drive that entire time.
    • 3-4 more meetings are planned this spring

– The PTA’s website will post more information once our rep (Kristie) has written up a summary




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