2019 Jan 22 Leadership Meeting Minutes

PTA Leadership meetings are open to anyone that is interested in contributing to the hard work of the PTA’s board, teachers, event leaders, volunteers, and various team leads! 


Matthew N (Secretary)
Leigh G (President)
Alex S (Treasurer)
Molly C (President)
Judith B (VP)
Becky K
Carissa B
Stacy J (FCC)
Erik F
Brittany H
Carrie S (Teacher Rep)



Principal’s Updates  (Pam was not present, covered topics conversationally)

  • Boundary Study updates, Kristie Scheel has agreed to be on the committee, there may be an additional slot opening.  There was an East Missoula applicant. There may be some further revision regarding the district updates and representatives, which would make sense for East Missoula.
  • Mt Jumbo Elementary may be reopened in 5-10 years, or longer, but is not actively part of the current study.
  • The district web site has been updated and there is more information available.

FCC General Updates (Stacy- Box Tops, other needs)

  • Box tops officially kicked off today
    • Sorted by 50/bag to be submitted  
    • Ultimately they are counted in class and submitted in envelope. It has been a student job in the past and continues to be popular.
    • Proceeds will go back to the general PTA grant budget as it has in years past with the exception of last year’s funds, which was administered by Pam and Julie.
    • Party will go back to less cost/food oriented and additional recess/activity to keep it simple and inexpensive.

Quick Report Outs / Needs for Events and Fundraisers

  • TOP PRIORITY: Spring Fling Planning (Molly)
    • Need more volunteers and guidance has posted
    • Guidance is available for solicitation of auction and sponsorship.
    • NEED A PROJECT LEAD FOR THE PLAN AS A WHOLE – Judith agreed to talk with Molly about being the event lead
    • Maggie W and Anne T lead one last year, but are taking on a smaller role this year.  Donation phone calls take more time than expected.
    • Carissa mentioned Michelle B may be able to help with event planning
    • Judith will jump in and assist where she can, but has not participated in the event in years past due to being out of town.  Happy to help in a capacity other than tracking the financial aspects of it. Will do mock ups of promotions (Sandwichboard, banners)
    • Erik, food committee report– Famous Daves cannot donate due to rising costs.  We got our request in on time, but pork prices are rising and making impossible. February will be a deadline to know if food can be donated (basket).  We may be able to get a reduced price depending on how prices move. Erik will ask.
    • Differences between sponsorship (business giving money) and Baskets is goods and services (Silent Auction)
    • Discussion that using old school carbon paper might be super useful for the auction process
    • Kate got a whole bunch of carousel tokens for Spring Fling to reduce food rewards
    • Donations need to be more targeted and less 300+ small items.  Maggie W has guidance for this years committee regarding that
    • Lucia or Maggie A have worked with CFS on their auction software but we have not because the cost is prohibitive but it is something to be considered because it happens year over year.  Brittney will follow up.
    • Raffle tickets will fall under Maggie W.


  • Family Fun Nights (Stacy)
    • Family fun night in January will be out of East Missoula and in the Mt Jumbo library pending site inspection by Stacy to ensure that it is in functional condition.
    • No cost to participate
    • Family fun night in February will be on the 13th at the Rattlesnake School
    • 13FEB – Michelle N Photography for the evening for families.
    • Photography has some variations and can be flexible for families/friend groups.


  • Idea for Evening Class on internet safety, in the same way there were parenting classes
    • Detective to come by for a class on internet safety. Detective Katie Peterson date: TBD
    • Might be in coordination with Washington Middle School
    • Parenting nights used to be common but are now on hiatus until a new curriculum is developed. The district was supposed to start this semester, but no further information has posted.


  • Wellness (Carissa/Becky)
    • Kate’s idea for better cereal choices for the lunchroom (healthier selection- less percent calories from sugar) was adopted district wide
    • Walk through was conducted as for a pilot program within the lunch room.
    • Paint color choices for the lunch room are coming up soon.
    • MTF with upcoming dates (thus far, nothing for prior release).
    • Policy review with district administrators and the Principals with a meeting in Feb.
    • Kate got a whole bunch of carousel tokens for Spring Fling to reduce food rewards
  • Spring Swag Plans (Erik/Brittany, hold til B arrives)
    • Need to look at if there are additional things that we would like to sell.  Also want to look at the online sales. We did receive a check from UA for $398.  
    • We were unable to get an itemized list
    • There has been some positive feedback regarding more variety.
    • Do we need to have more on hand for regular events. Cups and inventory available will work for the meantime. Maybe order tote bags, reusable lunch sacks, grocery bags, pencils, ball caps?
    • Bring out the table for concerts and class level events.
    • Let the online sales be available for moments where tables/volunteers/foot traffic is untenable, but events we should stock inventory conducive to a table.



Teacher Updates (in general – Carrie)

  • Teachers got a new Kettle and it is appreciated.
  • Inservice in February (Monday) before President’s Day (determined by the district)  
  • Curriculum to be updated, it is new to teachers so may be the first time most teachers are using the program.
  • We are one of three pilot schools for IRLA K-5, this is part of the new English Language Arts curriculum.

Financial Updates

  • PayPal Giving Fund
    • Got a letter, initially seemed possible as a scam- turns out it is a legit way to receive the funds electronically from our Direct Donate vendor (Crowdrise). Otherwise we’ll just get a paper check.
  • Status of CD Move  – (Alex, Matthew)
    • The CD has moved to an account with Edward Jones Account.  The maturity is July 2020 at 2.7% paying monthly.
    • We did discuss moving the money market over as well as it has a higher interest rate and would allow the interest from the CD that is accumulating monthly will also be at a higher rate (currently 1.7%).
    • Carrie was concerned this would be more confusing, discussed how it is the same banks just a different configuration so it shouldn’t be more confusing that it already is.
    • Alex motioned to move the money market over from First Security to the EJ account.  All in favor, Matthew abstained.
  • Others as needed
    • Votes or Discussion on Open Funding Requests
      • Reviewed teacher classroom grant requests
      • Currently all fall within the grant parameters and do not require discussion or approval.
      • Academic Enrichment
      • Kast’s request canceled (she said they will just use Box Tops money from last year)

Administrative Tasks

  • Schedule Executive Board meeting in the first or second week of February
    • Want to set up a pattern of each month for Leadership (i.e. 3rd week of the month)
    • Leadership meeting to be within Feb 25 – Mar 1st.
  • Treasury and VP will term out at the end of this year. Judith can continue her term rather than hold it as an additional election if desired
  • Set agenda for February 5th General Meeting

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