2018 Dec 17 Leadership Meeting Minutes

PTA Leadership meetings are open to anyone that is interested in contributing to the hard work of the PTA’s board, teachers, event leaders, volunteers, and various team leads! 



Matthew N (Secretary)
Leigh G (President)
Alex S (Treasurer)
Molly C (President)
Judith B (VP)
Stacy J (FCC)
Kate D
Erik F
Brittany H
Pam Wright (Principal)


  • Discussion on how to make general meeting more inclusive and engaging. Major points of discussion included not making it longer, how the current format gets good attendance in general, how only 4 general meetings are strictly required, perhaps adding Leadership minutes to the blog on a regular basis, making the Leadership meetings more open to additional folks if desired, asking folks “what brought you to the meeting today” as a way to engage better, featuring a topic of the month for further discussion (i.e. like the SPARK Arts person).
  • Welcome new Teacher Reps (if able to attend)
    • Carrie Sweatland and Maureen Loewenwarter were not able to attend, but are our new reps!
  • Quick Report Outs or needs for Events and Fundraisers
    • Direct Donate (Leigh) – going well, final promotions and handouts are planned prior to start of Winter Break. Most donations coming in via checks.
    • Spring Fling Planning (Molly) – Molly and Judith plan to start working on promotional materials (poster, etc) soon. Feedback to swap the Cake Walk for a Swag Walk or other non-treat related prize. Idea to add a structured Contra Dance or square dance or Super Skippers as an activity. Discussion on how past formats were more or less engaging for younger vs older kids, which is always a tough nut to crack.
    • Reschedule on Limo Lunch (Alex/Pam/All) Has been rescheduled to January 10th to start at 11:30 am, one or two parents at Pizza Hut would be great if feasible.
    • Swag Distribution (Erik/Brittany) – sold about 30 items, distribution went well, earnings were good for the amount of effort required but lower than had we handled sales more independently. Discussion on pros and cons of this method. May or may not be something we want to do in the Spring.
    • Wellness – Pam has ordered No Idle signs idea, not clear when they will be arriving. Kate Devino gave an update on handwashing stations. The estimates came back roughly as $800/hot water plumbing, $8950 for the station itself, and $3-5000 for the floor and wall rebuild and repair. Low end amount is thus $12K. Kate also updated on the smarter lunchroom progress- items moving forward slowly, such as painting cafeteria, creating a healthy choices space. The District Committee on Smarter Lunchroom will be doing a meeting at Rattlesnake, date TBD likely January 2019, from 2-3pm at our school. Kate will update us as that moves forward. Kate has been working to improve the quality of breakfast cereal choices by eliminating a few most sugary choices. Pam mentioned this would have positive behavioral impact, as the kids all want to sugary ones so it creates conflicts. This change would come from district level (procurement) and is not particularly controversial- many widely acceptable cereals would remain (i.e. honey nut cheerios would stay, lucky charms would go).
    • YAY for Target Field Trip Grant! $700 for 4th Grade!! Congrats Molly for spearheading!
  • Feedback on Holiday Scheduling
    • Parent confusion on school events – how can PTA help? Discussion on expectations vs reality on this. Pam talked about how they are not permitted to have religious programming, and while that rule has been bent in the past, it is best to modernize approach. Judith and Leigh both mentioned that they appreciate school was moving away from Christmas themed activities since their kids started 4 and 6 years ago. Ideas discussed for 2019-2020 school year include holding the K-1 musical assembly (non-denominational) in December to help parents transition to the public school expectations. Stacy mentioned it might be good to do a Family Fun Night winter themed in December as well. Someone said perhaps it would be good to explain this in brief at K Roundup in the Spring, so that new families better understand.  


  • Votes or Discussion on Open Funding Requests
    • Reviewed 6 teacher classroom grant requests
  • Fundraising Committee Idea
    • General Discussion on how we can proceed – Discussion on how general feel was that we do not need a committee to be formed right now, but it was good to make sure we thought it through
    • Sponsorship of Fun Run by Headwaters – Molly will pursue. Discussion of Spring Fling v Fun Run, and how Fun Run should be a better fit
    • Sponsorship of Fun Run by new dentistry office – idea to have dentists also give out toothbrushes at Fun Run.
    • “Community Hand Up” at the Dram- OK to have a bar sponsored event – this was discussed and agreed that from the PTA position, it is generally acceptable. Molly followed up with Pam after the meeting, Pam has asked the district if there is a policy here. Leigh said she would follow up with Sarah Millar (will cancel the night if Pam says district forbids it)

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