December 2018 PTA Meeting Minutes

Rattlesnake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association

Meeting Minutes for December 4th, 2018 from 8:30am-9:00am


Leigh (CP), Alex(T), Molly (CP), Judith (VP), Stacy (FCC), Pam (Principal) + Becky, Erik, Sienna (SPARK), Lucia, Keila

Items as Discussed

  • Principal Wright Announcements – There will be a superintendent led School Boundaries meeting at Rattlesnake Elementary on Monday, January 7, 2018, at 6:00 p.m., all are invited and an email was sent out
  • Speed Updates on Events! (5m)
      • Holiday Book Fair Results (Molly) – reported that all went really smoothly and we had our highest gross sales ever! Thanks everyone. Total of funds raised for Rattlesnake should be just a hair over $2700!
      • Direct Donate Progress Report (Leigh) – totals as of 12/4 are $4504 with checks and online donations coming in steadily. Donations are accepted year round but the big push for Direct Donate is from mid November to December 31st. Idea was brought up to send out postcards for folks to send to their parents (i.e. kid grandparents) next year. Idea to focus on “Sponsor a Kid” language in an upcoming handout, as a way to motivate.
      • Swag Ordering (Erik) – Lots of positive feedback on the convenience of the online ordering and convenience. Still no set date for material to be distributed to students- hopefully it will be before winter break begins as hoped! We had a brief conversation about the snake logo vs mountain logo- both logos are being used but for this first ordering process, it made sense to use just one (it costs more money per logo printing). Future orders may be with mountain logo, or both logos, TBD.
  • SPARK Arts – Welcome Sienna Solberg! (6m) – Sienna talked about all the great things SPARK Arts bring to the school. Each grades gets either a field trip, or an in-school experience, each year. This year’s planned schedule is K- Puppet performance, 1- Drum Brothers, 2- MCT Androcles and the Lion play, 3- Dance at UM, 4- Symphony performance, 5- visits to MAM. SPARK also brings in visiting artists- this year is B Martinez, Sneed Collard, and more. These programs are funded through private donors to Arts Missoula from various groups like LogJam Presents, Washington Foundations, some district funds. The Rattlesnake PTA’s contributions include longer terms for 2nd Grade Dance (this extends the program for more weeks) and others. Alex mentioned that last year’s handout was excellent, it’d be good to have a refreshed version to give to parents for this year.
  • Wellness Update- Becky-  Wellness Committee had a meeting with Principal Wright earlier in November. Talked about how in late January there will be an important district meeting, and much is on hold until the results of that meeting are in.
  • General discussion on confusion regarding holiday events at the school. Leigh agreed to create a comprehensive list and put it onto PTA blog for general reference.
  • Upcoming Items
      • Box Tops Competition will be in January
      • Holiday rush: remember Good Foods, Fresh Market, and Amazon – Idea came up to get the reminder email from Cassidy (Clark Fork) and rework to use for Rattlesnake. Lucia will contact Cassidy.
  • Fundraising Committee idea was discussed. Idea is to better coordinate, communicate, and plan fundraising throughout the year.
  • Dates of Note
      • Dec 13th 8am – 9:30am Open House on Spring Fling, Rattlesnake Cafe
      • Dec 17th 6:30pm – 8:30pm Leadership Committee Meeting, FCC
      • Jan **8th** 8:30am General PTA Meeting, FCC

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