November 2018 PTA Meeting Minutes

Election Day! November 6, 2018 from 8:30am-9:30am in the FCC


Call For New Items

Janelle reported that she facilitated a donation of books to the Book Exchange and the PTA account there now has about $50 book credit plus $25 store credit.  Question raised: can we advertise donating books to the Book Exchange PTA account as a way to give? Discussed reminding parents about other ways to give: update parents on the easy Good Food Store scrip process, sign receipts at Missoula Fresh Market, use Amazon Smile website, and  Mabel’s Labels.  

Welcome and Introductions

Introduced everyone present and Judith as new VP


Urgent need to advertise now before window closes Nov 18.  Stacy will email teachers, Jen will put on Facebook. Brittany expects flyers delivered today.  PTA receives 5% of sales.

Updates on Finances/Grants

Alex reported approval of recent Academic Enrich. Grants and $111 in popcorn sales from the Craft and Movie Night.  Sold out of popcorn, could sell more.

Principal’s Updates

Pam reported parent survey is now open and the window closes at the end of the week. Information from this survey guides school goals: last year “Feeling important in my classroom” was alarmingly low; the school climate goal for this year is based on making students feel important and valued.  Last year both student and parent focus groups were selected at random to discuss areas of particular concern from survey results. Other school goals are: more writing opportunities and more math.

FCC/Stacy’s Updates

Movie night was well-attended and successful.  Starting the season of using more resources for students in need. Missoula Organization of Realtors donated $500 to the FCC.  They asked that we donate a basket for their auction before the end of the month. Know anyone who can donate something? What swag should be included?


  • Food for Parent-Teacher Conferences: email Jacqui to help today
  • Noodle Night – Sunday, Nov. 11 at Noodles and Company 4-9pm. Noodles & Company will be giving back 30% of sales.
  • Holiday Book Fair (Nov 28-30): SignUp Genius from last year needs to add flyer distribution volunteers.  Wrapping for donations discussed. Janelle suggests filling book sales volunteer slots first and asking for wrapping volunteers from overflow. Any needs from Book Fair folks?
  • Direct Donate (Nov 19-Dec 31):  Is there a way to give sustaining (monthly) donations?  In letter, is it possible to let people know all the things PTA supports: recycling, FCC, field trips, etc?   Group echoed that PTA does so much it’s mind-blowing.
  • PTA email:  discussion around sending email about swag, Noodle Night, Direct Donate, reminding parents of ways to give

Rattlesnake Wellness Committee

Carissa reported goals are to create a school wellness policy, to improve the quality of the cafeteria, and to increase student handwashing.  Parents are welcome at the MCPS Nutrition Wellness Committee which meets 2nd Thursday of every month at the MCPS Admin Bldg. There will be a meeting at Rattlesnake Elementary on Nov 16 from 1:30pm to 2:30pm.

Volunteer Needs

Shannon reported need for Chess Club Coordinator.  We need a Spring Fling Coordinator (March 15). Janelle is interested in soliciting outside donations.  Discussed need for Spring Fling leads sooner than later.

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