October 2018 PTA Meeting Minutes

October 2, 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes

AttendanceMatthew N (Secretary), Leigh G (President), Alex S (Treasurer), Pam W (Principal), Stacy J (FCC),  + 8 additional parents


Agenda overview – Leigh

VP Candidate

  • Introduction of Judith B as candidate for VP after vacated by Anne due to job requirements – Leigh & Alex
  • Shannon O was also introduced as having interest in the position but deferred to Judith
  • Judith was elected, no one present objected or voted against. Welcome Judith!

Beef Jerky Fundraiser

  • Preliminary estimate of numbers- orders grossed $5k for 315 Packages (note: final tally for full fundraiser came out to net $5264 – great work Beef Jerky Team!)
  • We will need assistance from teachers and possibly volunteers to ensure that the children receive the orders that they are responsible for (Note: completed! 10/13/2018 – thank you!)
  • Some of the kids order forms get turned in without their full names, maybe need to consider pre-writing teacher names and grades onto forms in 2019 to make things easier in case of mistakes, or some other system to make sorting easier.  

Book Fair

  • Leigh and Alex conducted an overview. Laurie and Becca are again volunteering to be the leads- thank you!
  • We will need to get volunteers to staff the hours necessary, Shannon M will create volunteer listing when closer to the date.
  • As in past years, there is a system in place to ensure that all children will have an opportunity to participate in the book fair- contact Stacy in the FCC if you wish to help with this.
  • Will be conducted after Thanksgiving in an effort to incorporate holiday shopping. Tentative dates within the range of 11/27-30, Precise dates TBD with Fact and Fiction.
  • Generally the book fair raises about $8k, with funds being first allocated to the school library and librarian, and all other funds rolling into the general PTA budget.

School Event Marquee – Pam

  • The design was that was submitted was not in line with what was proposed, which proved to be a problem.
  •  The local community pushed back after the proposal was submitted.  There was too much light and was essentially too loud aesthetically.
  • Idea was raised to rent or buy a light up moveable letter-swap style marquee sign
  • It does leave concerns regarding dissemination of information, as we are currently limited to fliers, the webpage, Facebook, emails, and on-the-fence vinyl banners.
  • If a concept is approved, we will need to still resolve the issue of funding which we will have to be sourced or raised.
  • We do also have fence banners for announcements and will require some to be found for events or printed.
  • The book fair may have a banner available from fact and fiction.

Direct Donate – Leigh, Alex, and Matthew

  • The topic was discussed as an overview
  • Last year resulted in $8700 Gross/$8000 Net raised
  • Jen O and Molly C have brought up the idea to create a more targeted ask team for higher donations from selected businesses and families.
  • Leigh is the lead on this for 2018, Sarah M has volunteered to help with handouts, Jen and Molly will lead up the higher ask team, other volunteers are TBD. Please email rattlesnakepta@gmail.com to join this team.
  • Goal is to kick-off on November 19th and ends December 31st (functional end in terms of in school is December 21st but online and mail donations go through Winter Break).

Jump Rope for Heart – Pam

  • Rattlesnake Elementary will not be participating this year as it was a conflict in fundraising with the PTA and PTA projects due to confusion with who received funds and ran the event.

 Spring Fling

  • We will be conducting spring fling on 15 MAR 2019.
  • The theme is intended for Hoe Down, but open to suggestion and discussion at this point
  • We need to designate project leads to ensure smoothness of execution and coordination of the various sub committees. Ideally, leads would be identified to include: Food Lead, Auction Lead, Activities Lead, Business Sponsor Lead (see below) and Overall Event Coordinator
  • Generally raises between $8k and $10k in fund raising
  • We will be seeking auction donations and in some cases we should be starting now as some tax years are ending and fiscal planning for companies will be beginning. There is also a letter available for those soliciting donations.
  • Idea was brought up by Shannon O to incorporate business sponsors for higher dollar amounts. Discussion on how there is no barrier to this idea- it just hasn’t been done before for the Spring Fling (has been done for Fun Run in the past). See also below.

Other Notes

  • A substitute crossing guard will be needed, please contact rattlesnakepta@gmail.com or the current crossing guard (Erin B) for details.
  • Will also need a chess club coach for the fall!
  • Also a paid position is available for noon duty. In the mean time, a volunteer position is available.
  • The wellness committee is currently developing a wellness policy. The policy will come up for review when complete, but may require elements that either require fundraising or sourcing such as hand washing stations.
  • Community Garden. In the next two years the beds will need to be replaced, and we will need a financial estimate to properly fundraise and budget for this need. Clean up will be conducted in the next two weeks and the beds will be conditioned for next year during after school garden club. 
  • There was some discussion regarding corporate sponsorship. As a group the officers discussed some of the pro/con related to it. It has been a focus in the past of the Fun Run in some years, and worked well when pursued by a person with motivation and experience in obtaining sponsorships. If it is to develop into its own project or to other events, it will require its own project lead.


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