September 2018 PTA Meeting Minutes

September 4th 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes

Attendance: Leigh G (P), Molly C (P), Alex S (T), Stacy J (FCC), Amy H (Garden City Harvest) + about 20 more parents and grandparents

(Note: as this meeting was on the first day of Kindergarten, and out in the garden, we did not follow the typical agenda structure)


Two Notices about Open Positions

  • Vice President is open now, and we will vote for new VP at the October PTA General meeting (Tue Oct 2nd at 8:30 in the FCC). Everyone/anyone interested in this position should reach out to a current or former board member to talk about their intent and what is entailed. This can be a one year or two year term. The current board is hoping to create a list of general duties (like a job description) soon, and will post it to the PTA blog when ready.
  • Treasurer will complete term in May 2019. Shannon M said she was very interested in this position and wants to learn more- thank you Shannon! Other interested parties are absolutely welcome to also learn about this opportunity. It would help to have working knowledge of QuickBooks, as the treasurer position has a significant bookkeeping responsibility throughout the year.

Upcoming Events and Volunteering Needs

Open House is Sept 12th 5:30-6:30, we will staff a table and need a few volunteers. If you want to help with open house, please reach out to Erik F or Brittany H, or email the main PTA email at

Beef Jerky Fundraiser will start around Sept 13th (approx), we will need several helpers for handouts and sorting. Alex stated that she’d like the jerky to be distributed post-sale before October long weekend (that’s Oct 18-21) so getting started during the week of Sept 13th is preferred. Alex S has run this for several years and would like someone to help her co-lead it this year. Look for emails asking for specific dates and tasks, or email if you want to volunteer.

Bike Rodeo will be Sept 28th 5-7pm, we will need many helpers for stations and activities. Stacy J at the FCC is the point person for this event, so please email her at  <> if you want to volunteer either during the event, or as part of the planning committee. Leigh said she would like to make sure that Parks and Rec is able to give tours to families interested in the new Bike Park at Syringa (just north of Rattlesnake school, currently under construction) and would reach out to contacts at the city to involve them in planning.

Amy H from Garden City Harvest represented the Garden Committee and gave a brief intro. She would love more volunteers for several upcoming opportunities:

  • Garden Committee meeting is September 21st at 8am in the main entry conference room, all are welcome.
  • Produce Giveaway Table! This was a great idea last year that continues this year! Our garden is so productive that a fresh food giveaway is done at the end of several fall school days. The table can use a few more volunteers on Sept 19th 2:45-3:15 and Oct 3rd 3:15-3:45. Just show up at the Garden ready to rinse carrots and give them away to a bunch of awesome kids! Amy sent around a signup sheet and lots of folks were eager to help. To join our Garden specific mailing list, email and include a sentence about how you’d like to get periodic garden related emails.

Carissa from the Rattlesnake Wellness Committee gave a quick intro. The RWC welcomes all interested parents and guardians to learn more about their projects- better coordination with district wellness initiatives, the handwashing improvement work, and their recent success with working with the District and Climate Smart to improve the air filtration for indoor air in the school (learn more:

Jacqui with the Teacher Appreciation Committee is seeking more enthusiastic participants for their monthly teacher appreciation events. She said that their core participants last year were great and she is seeking more people to get involved, as “many hands make light work” when it comes to fun monthly teacher events. The teachers were incredibly appreciative of this project and please reach out to Jacqui (email and we’ll forward you right along to her!) if you want to be part of this great team.

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