Rattlesnake Garden Club

Help care for plants in the Rattlesnake Garden this Fall! Take home veggies and learn more about gardening and cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Each week we will tend to the garden (weeding, watering, harvesting) and do a fun garden activity.

Garden Club is free and open to all Rattlesnake students. You can come for a little while or stay the whole time! Parents are welcome to come with their students and explore the garden or drop off their child(ren) to be supervised by our Farm to School staff.

Space is limited so please sign up early using this easy online form! If you will stay with your child please enter your name, your child’s name, and your email address in the first column. If your child will be coming to the garden on their own please enter their full name and your email address in the second column.

Please note that there is room in each session for 10 kids with parents attending and 10 kids coming on their own (20 kids total).

Click Here to Sign Up For All Weeks Now!

Questions? Contact Farmer Hannah at


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