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Indoor Air Quality Update, Fall 2018

Great news- the air inside Rattlesnake School will be cleaner and healthier this fall- and here’s why!

This past Spring (2018), Climate Smart Missoula received grant money from the United Way to assess the indoor air quality in Missoula County Schools and make recommendations for improvements. As a result, Rattlesnake Elementary School was the recipient of new Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 13 filters throughout the building. MERV 13 filters are the type of filter required to capture the most damaging small smoke particulates from the air when used in settings like a school or other public building (learn more on the Missoula County Air Quality website, scroll way down to the June entries). In addition to installing new filters, Climate Smart Missoula plans to assess the effectiveness of these new filters on the indoor air quality at school this year, to confirm that they are creating a cleaner and safer indoor environment for the teachers and staff at Rattlesnake Elementary. The Rattlesnake Wellness Committee has been working with Climate Smart Missoula on these efforts since 2017 and we are so pleased to see these positive changes implemented in our school that support the health of our students, teachers and staff!

This blog was written by Carissa, member of the PTA’s Rattlesnake Wellness Committee, in coordination with Amy Cilimburg, Executive Director of Climate Smart. 

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