photo of the front of Rattlesnake school

Kindergarten Playdate 2018

Join your fellow incoming Kindergarten families for our first ever Kindergarten Playdate on the school playground!

When: September 3rd (Monday) 3:30-5pm. Yes, this is Labor Day- we scheduled the playdate for this afternoon because it is the last afternoon before the first day of Kindergarten at Rattlesnake Elementary. We hope you can attend!
Where: Rattlesnake Elementary Playground (This is the school playground between Rattlesnake Drive and the school. THIS IS NOT AT Pineview Park, which is the playground to the west of school, between the school and the creek)
What: The PTA will be hosting a Kindergarten Playdate-  a simple get-together for any families that want to meet other incoming kindergartners and their families. The PTA will supply name tags for all the kids and parents, we’ll have a couple informational handouts, and we’ll be happy to show incoming kindergartners where to line up for class the following morning. Siblings are welcome, but please leave your four legged furry friends at home.

Please note: teachers will not be there, no food will be provided, and this is not a drop-off event. The playground is a public space when school is not in session, so other members of the community may also be there.

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