Boo Hoo and Yahoo Coffees for 2018!

When: TWO EVENTS THIS YEAR! August 29th from 8am-9am for families of 1st to 5th grade parents on their first day – AND – September 4th from 8am-9am for families of Kindergarten parents on their first day! Please note that the September 4th event will also include the first General PTA Meeting of the year (we will focus on introducing the officers and answering any burning questions)
What: A cup of coffee and friendly socializing on the first morning of school! We’ll be ready with tissues for any tears, and high fives for any uncontainable joy.
Where: In the school garden (NE corner of school property)
Who: Parents, Grandparents, little siblings, and any other members of your first day drop-off crew (aside from the kids that are starting school!) are invited.

Details: Join your fellow Rattlesnakers in a short and fun coffee and mingle starting at 8am on the first morning of school! The PTA will be providing coffee and some baked goods in our beautiful school garden. You might be sad, you might be nervous, you might have mixed emotions… or you might be exuberant! Doesn’t matter, we just want you to join us if you’d like a cup of coffee and some company.

NOTE: If you drive, DO NOT PARK ON MOUNTAINVIEW (road to the N of school property) and also please don’t park in the regular pull-through drop off zone. We suggest, if you are able, that you instead drive down Pineview Drive and park by Pineview Park in the longer open lot at the bottom of the hill. This will create a safer dropoff space for your fellow parents and students. For more information on parking, visit our School Map.

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