May 2018 General PTA Minutes

May 2nd 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes
Attendance: Leigh G (P), Molly C (P), Anne T (VP), Alex S (T), Matthew N (S), Jen J (FCC), + 7 parents


  • Welcome and Call for Additional Agenda Items: What’s for lunch group requested time for item
  • April Funding Requests Update:
    • Renie Gibson (music) – $400, misc – Granted pending clarifications
    • K-Team $150 NHC buses, $150 Ag farm, WFF bus $75 – Granted as written
    • Lisa Thomas (K) -$301.28 new classroom rug from academic enrichment  – Granted as written
  • Past Event Updates:
    • Spring Fling: Raised approx $9k Gross, final tally TBD.
    • Garden Clean Up:
      • Thursday garden cleanup didn’t have as much attendance as expected
      • Future events might need better promotion and/or timing
      • Long term plan for ADA accessible garden surface- gravel is no good for wheelchairs
      • Yes, produce will be given away this fall like last year
      • All garden updates will be on the website like last year
  • Upcoming Events and Volunteer Recruitment:
    • K Roundup is May 18th 2018. Email to volunteer.
      • Additional volunteers are needed for Round-up.  2x per session
      • Additional needed for the table outside in 3x 1-hour shifts.
      • Children are welcome considering parents may not have child care, just be mindful that they are not a disruption to the Round-up events going on.
    • Family Fun Night in East Missoula will be Tuesday, June 5, 2018 
      • River of Life Church is providing their food truck
      • No additional volunteers are needed at this time
      • Will have pizza provided
      • Weather permitting, will include family portraits
      • Maddie Delaney from PE will help with kickball and other events
    • Running club has begun. Please email Emily,, to volunteer.
    • Teacher Appreciation week is May 7-11. Email Jacqui, to volunteer, Fruit platters and as well as chips other appreciated incentives.
    • Staff Appreciation Thursday for May is the 31st. Email Jacqui, to volunteer.
    • Fun Run is June 6th at 12:55-2:30, with course setup likely starting closer to 9:00am. You don’t need to be a runner to help- this event needs a wide variety of volunteers, from orange slicers to race course pointers! Email Emily,, to volunteer.Find more info on our Fun Run event page
      • Last year needed additional volunteers for the course
      • Also more water needs to be available for walkers.  A refill may be necessary.
      • Letting the kids vote on popsicle flavors has been positive.
      • There was some discussion of headbands vs shirts, for 2018 we considered doing “buff” style headbands to keep cost and time manageable, currently the prices is $3 per 450 kids for buffs, we’d need more sponsors approx $2k total generally for the $100 to $500 variety and their logos need to be sent to exact image.
  • Additional Item for Agenda: Nutrition for school “What’s for Lunch” committee (Carissa B)
    • Will review food choices pertaining to Lunch and Breakfast.
    • Pam will be meeting w/ Community to talk over ideas May 9th
    • Open to more parties at certain point but there is a desire to keep the group relatively small and manageable.  Suggested to bring in PE and Health teachers when ready
    • Would like to review if there are policies related to nutrition that already exist.
    • Do other schools have programs that we could copy?
    • Should also be tied to handwashing and hygiene initiatives.
    • Will the program be tied to a reward vs nutrition only?
    • Discussion was spearheaded by Carissa, Becky, Jen O, and Keila.
  • PTA New/Incoming Roles
    • Web design: Jen P has accepted request to take over website maintenance 2018-2019, will be training in May and June 2018
    • Swag: Brittney H has accepted request to take over swag 2018-2019
    • Volunteer Coordinator: Vacant, Janel will be finishing up term in June 2018, if you are interested please reach out to someone on PTA leadership
  • FCC Update by Jen J
    • New FCC Coordinator will be needed for next year as Jen will be resigning.

Our next meeting is June 6th, 2018, at 8:30am in the FCC. Hope to see you there!


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