February 2018 General PTA Agenda

Rattlesnake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association Meeting
Agenda for February 7 2018 from 8:30am-9:00am
Meeting will be held in Family Connections Center

Please enter through the Main Entrance, walk straight down the main hall, and look for the FCC near the end of the hall on your left.


  • Welcome (5 minutes)
  • Funding Updates (5 minutes)
    • January funding requests (granted) – (1) 5th Grade Roxy/SPARK Arts mystery movie project; (2) 5th grade book set (The Inuit Thought of It); and (3) 3rd Grade Field Trip to Glacier Ice Rink
  • Upcoming Events (10 min)
    • Family Jump Rope night — February 15th (see Event Listing)
    • Spring Fling — March 16th (see Event Listing), Auction TEAM & Activities TEAM (Hoe-Down)
    • Fun Run — June 5
  • How you can help! (5 min)
    • Spring Fling “Hoe-Down” on March 16 from 5:30p – 7:30p – join our team!
    • Classroom Basket Team –  Carissa, Maggie A, & Becky
    • Auction Callers / Team – NEED volunteers to help out (maybe
      another power hour at the school?)
    • Hoe-Down Activities Team – Anne G, Becky, Erin, & Maggie W
    • Food Team – Alex and Erik
  • FCC Update (5 min)
  • Adjourn!


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