January 2018 General PTA Minutes

January 3rd 2018 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes

Attendance: Anne T (VP), Alex S (T), Jen J (FCC), + 6 parents/guardians 

Items as discussed:

New “Everyday Way to Raise Money” Program

Mabel’s Labels is a year round fundraising opportunity that sells sticky and sew-on style personalized clothing and gear labels. Cassidy has set up an account so that we can get a portion of sales as a fundraiser. We’ll be promoting it during key times such as January (after Xmas), May (prep for summer camp, plus Kinder Roundup), and Sept (start of school). The labels help reduce load in the Lost and Found in school, summer camp, etc. Discussion that we need to add link to website page for fundraising. Link to use is  campaigns.mabelslabels.com and select Rattlesnake Elementary from the drop-down school menu, to ensure that funds come back to our school.

Direct Donate Final Tallies

Direct Donate was a successful fundraiser again this year. Total net funds raised was approx $8800. Many thanks to Leigh and Maggie A, plus also Billy P for his awesome thermometer and keeping it up to date even in the snow and rain! We exceeded our goal ($8250), which is excellent. We received fewer number of donations this year, but a greater total value, confirming that the keychains/ giveaways from 2016 were probably not a good use of our time in 2016 and that the 2017 decision to skip it was not damaging to the fundraising total. Janel said the handouts were well written. Leigh said she’d be happy to co-lead it again with someone in 2018, will ask Maggie A if she’s willing for a second year. Janel mentioned it is nice to not need lots of volunteers, as recruiting that time of year is very hard. All agreed it is good to take pressure off the Spring Fling via the direct donation effort plus the successes of Beef Jerky.

SPRING FLING will be March 16th 2018 (this replaces the Spring Carnival)

Spring Fling will be March 16th from 5:30-7:30 and the theme is “Hoe Down!” Event teams are forming and there is lots of need for help with currently in progress teams.

Classroom Baskets Team: Carissa, Maggie A, Becky K- The new classroom basket signup sheet allows teachers in grade level groups to pick a theme and self-assign. They can also pick their own theme if needed. There will be an option to have parent opt out of donating an item and instead donate a small amount of money for a “PTA shopper” to buy stuff for the basket.

Auction Team: Anne T, Molly C, Maggie W, and Alex S, Erin S said she’d help with online donations but would like to skip cold calling, Carissa mentioned that Matthew N would make a great auction power hour worker. This group will have another donation “power hour” on a Tuesday from 2-3 in January, and maybe another one in early Feb (?). Jen O suggested more out of state/region donation requests because local businesses are so tapped out from people asking for donations. Idea also to go to chain stores with local presence, i.e. Cabelas, to help avoid the donation fatigue in local businesses, and also because they have online forms that can make it easy to ask for donations. Idea to ask Logjam Presents / Checota for Golden Ticket to raffle. Idea to avoid Gift Certs because they are not very fun, instead focus on gender and size neutral stuff (like hats, or mugs, or foods). Pitfall mentioned of auctioning single items when a pair is more practical was discussed. Idea to raffle a few fun items was discussed. Pitfall of having the kids really want the raffle items, and then be very disappointed, was discussed and it was agreed that considering only more family/adult kinda things for raffle, rather than toys/etc, might help temper meltdowns. Anne T mentioned last year we thanked donors via Facebook throughout the Spring, which got a bit overwhelming, maybe we can strategize this better this year. On-site Auction Caller still needed, was not discussed.

Hoe Down Activities Team: Maggie W, Anne G, Erin B, Becky K, Martha – This group was not present at the meeting today. Jen J volunteered to join the group. Talked about how the line for face painting was too long next year, could use more face painters and generally better crowd management.

Food Team: Alex S, Eric F – Hoe Down Food Theme was presented, to much amusement. Idea to have corn dogs and other Fair kinda food. Idea to have cotton candy. Erin S mentioned the line for cotton candy at E Msla Egg Hunt is always very very long- suggested we rent several machines and make it cash only. Leigh and Alex mentioned cash only worked well last year, i.e. put cotton candy plus soda cans and LaCroix on the other side of the gym from hot foods for crowd management and make everything $1 or $2 in that line. Discussion that cotton candy obviously isn’t healthy, but at least it is very fun plus doesn’t include any likely allergens.

Box Tops- Classroom Competition in January

Box Tops will be for about 2 weeks – official dates are January 29- February 9. Party themes are not yet decided. The question of whether or not teachers can/should/do collect box tops all year round was brought up; it is up to the teachers to either do this, or not, according to their personal preferences. Reminder that healthy inter-class competition on the Box Tops leads to more money for PTA funded school needs. Find more information at: https://rattlesnakepta.org/2018/01/10/box-tops-collection-competition/ 

Proposed Event – Skippers Night

Super Skippers may donate a Skip Night to the FCC as a Family Fun Night in February. Details to be fleshed out by Jen J, ASAP.  (Note: event date has now been set for Feb. 15th 2018. This event will be free for Rattlesnake families, and designed to learn ways to incorporate skipping into your family life. More info found here: https://rattlesnakepta.org/2018/01/22/free-family-jump-rope-night/ ).

“Science with Mr G” Assembly

This event is now scheduled, but the date is exact date is unknown, probably in late Jan or early Feb. Whether or not the event will include a third, evening, show is still up in the air. (Updated 1/22/2018 to add: No third show is being planned at this time. The date is now set as Feb. 15th 2018: First show is 9:30am-10:15am for grades 3-5, second show is 10:25am-11:05am grade K-2.)

General Q&A

Discussion of a community information board was discussed. Pros/Cons of creating a Rattlesnake Parent group to share community resource leads. PTA board may want to discuss involvement at the next executive board meeting.

A question was posed as how best to contact PTA for general questions.
The PTA email (rattlesnakePTA@gmail.com) is monitored daily. If the question can not be addressed by a member, or is more appropriate for administration, the email will be forwarded to the right person.

Next meeting will be Feb 7 2018, 8:30am in the FCC. 

BIG THANKS TO BERNICE’S BAKERY for the donation of delicious coffee and muffins for this meeting!


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