December 2017 General PTA Minutes

December 6th, 2017 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes

Meeting attendance: Maggie Ward (P), Anne T (VP), Alex Stokman (T), Laura Fellin (S), Jen J (FCC) + 9 parents and guardians.

Items as Discussed:

Funding Updates:

  • Approved $100 for several custom made class project books for kids in Ms Walsh’s class for kids who could not afford them.
  • Approved $150 to cover books for kids in need at the Book Fair.
  • Approved funds for a local Missoula Science show (“Mr. G”) that will happen in February 2018 to get kids excited about science. The show is normally twice in one day- we had an additional discussion about a 3rd show possibly being done during the Spring Fling or in the evening of another day. This needs to be decided at a later date.


  • Fall Conferences: Teacher conferences went well – thanks to Jacqui and everyone who provided food and helped with cleanup!
  • Book Fair: Thanks to Becca and Laurie and Fact & Fiction – book fair made $10,000 gross, which means about $3000 will go to the PTA. Discussion about inventory and getting more stock of certain titles so that there are enough to sell to all the excited kids – a number of the most popular books ran out on the first day. An idea was proposed that volunteers could put a post-it on the last copy so that parents can still see the title and see if they were happy special ordering it. It was mentioned that the gift wrapping station was really great and we should do that again next year. Learn more:
  • Direct Donate update: Over $4500 gross right now and balloons went on the thermometer outside to mark the passing of the halfway mark! Goal is $8000 by December 31, 2017. All were encouraged to share Facebook posts and remind neighbors about Direct Donate. Learn more: 
  • Spring Fling: Looking for some teacher liaisons to help with classroom basket strategy and planning- probably need 2-3 people. Becky, Maggie A, and Carissa volunteered to spearhead baskets – yay! Need people to make calls, too. Matt has offered to make calls, Molly has volunteered to call and email for more donations. We need an activities team, as well- Erin has volunteered. “Hoe down” is probably our theme as it is fun and simple. Jeans and plaid and you’re done. Activities ideas included pig calling contest, sack races, silly photo booths w hay bales, electric bull riding, others. Idea to sell custom themed bandanas. Maybe we can raise money by getting Pam to have lunch with parents and then that becomes an auction item.

Air Quality Updates:

  • Maggie W: No word yet on the grant proposal. We’ll let everyone know when we learn the timeline (edited to add: we were notified 12/11/2017 that the grant proposal was not funded. Darn!)
  • Carissa: Notes from the indoor air quality meeting she attended is on the PTA website:  New step is to secure a grad/intern/student that will work with the schools to determine needs in all buildings, and then make a presentation to the School Board. Carissa will follow up when she hears more.

FCC Update:

  • Box Tops start in January. Jen will need help cut and count box tops. We usually get 12,000 box tops which is $1,200 donated. Idea was suggested to tell parents about the need to trim them cleaner to make life easier at FCC. Jen will throw class parties for top 3 box top classes.
  • Jen would like to do a Super Skippers themed Family Fun Night in January or February. Everyone said that sounds like a great idea.

Many thanks to Black Coffee Roasting Company for the donation of hot coffee, and Scones by Jo for providing fresh baked excellent scones!

The next monthly meeting is January 3rd 2018, Wednesday, from 8:30-9am in the FCC. Bernice’s Bakery will be our coffee and baked goods donor of the month. Hope to see you then!

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