Direct Donate Drive 2017

The Rattlesnake PTA works with the teachers, staff, and community of our school to provide both funding and in-person support for; special events, field trips, student and family support, classroom materials, and many types of educational enrichment. By directly donating to the Rattlesnake PTA this holiday season, your dollars go farther and everyone saves time and effort. Nothing to sell, nowhere to drive, nothing goes to waste- just direct support of the programs that matter to our students, staff, and community.

  • When: Donate from November 20th to December 31st if you want to ensure your donation is counted towards meeting the event’s annual goal. 
  • To donate online, visit:
  • To donate with cash or check: You will be receiving a pre-addressed bright green envelope in your child’s school folder, Donations can be either delivered to your child’s teacher in that envelope (just tuck it into your child’s homework folder), dropped off at the front desk of Rattlesnake, or mailed at your convenience. Checks should be made out to “Rattlesnake PTA.” Mail to: Rattlesnake PTA,
    P.O. Box 7211, Missoula MT 59807 or our street address: 1220 Pineview Dr, Missoula MT 59802
  • The suggested donation is $40 – this amount covers one child’s worth of PTA supported programs for the first half of the year.
  • Track our progress on Crowdrise! Visit the Direct Donate Tracking Page here!

Thank you for considering making a gift today.

Want more detailed information on this fundraiser? Read below!

The PTA’s Direct Donation fundraiser started in 2015, with the idea that many families were looking for a way to give money to the PTA without having to buy stuff or do something else they might not really want- like chocolates, wrapping paper, going door-to-door or office-to-office, and other common issues that come up with conventional fundraisers. Since that first year, the Direct Donate fundraiser has come to be the 2nd biggest annual fundraiser run by the Rattlesnake PTA. This speaks to the power of the simple and effective method of just asking for what people are willing to give. Learn more about the major fundraising and event schedule here.

We are committed to minimizing waste during this fundraising event. We’ll have a bare minimum number of handouts to remind people to donate, and all are welcome to return any unused green envelopes to your child’s teacher for reuse in 2018.

The net funds raised during the Direct Donation event in 2016 were $7620. The goal for 2017 is $8250, with a reach goal of $9000 if that seems achievable by mid December. Anyone can donate by check, cash, or online.

Donations by cash or check “go a little farther” because they do not have transaction fees subtracted from them, but the convenience of using a credit card (and the ability to send the direct link to relatives and friends) on Crowdrise is also very important. Donations via Crowdrise are charged as follows: there is a fee to use the online platform (6% of donation) and a separate credit card processing fee of 3- 4%, depending on size of donation. If you do not wish to pay these fees and instead want to maximize every penny of your donation, please consider sending a paper check instead. Make the check to “Rattlesnake PTA” and address to Rattlesnake PTA, 1220 Pineview Dr, Missoula MT 59802.

The PTA’s legal name as defined by the IRS may show up on your receipt for donating on Crowdrise- that name is the “MONTANA CONGRESS OF PARENTS TEACHERS STUDENTS.” We are sorry for any confusion that might cause. Your donation will reach us!

The Rattlesnake PTA is a 501(c)3 registered nonprofit, tax ID #81-0448185.

If you have further questions about this fundraiser, please email the PTA at


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