October 2017 Indoor Air Quality Public Interest Meeting

Report from Community Indoor Air Quality meeting, held 10/16/2017

In attendance:

  • Alison Reintjes: Parent at Paxson, contact person (330) 806-2478, allisonreintjes@hotmail.com)
  • Sara Coefield: Missoula Air Quality Specialist
  • Amy Cilimburg: Climate Smart Missoula
  • Ronni Flannery: American Lung Association
  • Carissa Benjamin: Parent at Rattlesnake

Summary of the meeting:

  • What: Develop a specific “ask” for a district wide initiative to improve the indoor air quality during the winter months and wildfire season to create a “safe place” for our students
  • Why: To address health concerns for sensitive groups and all children in school. Our local pediatric Pulmonologist, Paul Smith, from Community Medical Center, reported that he is continuing to work with children experiencing asthma exacerbations secondary to poor air quality this summer/fall
  • How: Initial course of action will be to discuss with Mark Thane, superintendent of schools, how best to proceed with a specific “ask”
  • When: After Amy meets with Mark Thane and a specific “ask” has been determined, we will likely approach the School board at the next scheduled meeting
  • Other:
    • If you are interested in being involved, please contact Alison at the e-mail above
    • If you know people on the school board, discuss any concerns you may have with indoor air quality
    • If you have friends/ family who are familiar with the schools current HVAC system, retrofitting, filtration systems, etc. encourage them to attend our next meeting or contact Alison
    • If you know of a group that could possibly assist with funding/grants for this type of project, speak with them and put us in touch
    • If you know of an undergraduate or graduate student who may be interested in indoor air quality as a topic of research, introduce us to them!
    • Once a specific “ask” has been designated, we will ask for letters or support and attendance at the school board meeting to show support

Notes as taken by Carissa Benjamin. The Rattlesnake School PTA is grateful for Carissa’s willingness to take notes, be involved, and share this information with our community!

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