May 2017 General PTA Agenda

Rattlesnake Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association Meeting
Agenda for May 3rd, 2017 from 6:30pm-7:30pm
Meeting will be held in Family Connections Center

Please enter through the Old Gym Doors as the Main Entrance is locked in the evenings.


6:30p Welcome (Maggie)

  • Intention of meeting

Upcoming Events & Activities in May/June

  • Fun Run (Emily/Maggie)
  • Missoula Gives (Leigh/Maggie)
  • Kindergarten Roundup (Leadership Team)
  • Celebration Night (Janel/Maggie)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week (TBD)

PTA calendar for 2017-2018 (Leadership Team)
PTA positions for 2017-2018 (Leadership Team)

  • Share position ideas & outreach

Principal Update (Pam)

FCC Update (Jen)

7:30p Adjourn

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