January 2017 General PTA Minutes

January 11, 2017 Rattlesnake Elementary School PTA Meeting minutes

Meeting attendance: Erik Farnham, Leigh Greenwood, Maggie Ward (P), Molly Cottrell, Sarah Lee (Teacher), Anne T. (VP), Erin Berryman, Rachel Robinson, Maggie Angle, Janel Chin, Anne Guess, Jen Jencso (FCC), and Alex Stokman (T).

Intention of the day

The intention of today’s meeting was to cover event and fundraising updates, and create a plan to coordinate the March 10th carnival auction and activities.

Event and Fundraising updates

PTA Survey: A feedback survey was conducted mainly online, through Facebook, and email distribution in December. There were 48 responses.

  • 54% of participants selected moving the general meeting to a Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Given the survey results, the board moved the February meeting to Feb. 1, 2017, from 6:30– 7:30 p.m. in the Family Connection Center (FCC) at Rattlesnake Elementary.
  • 60% of participants said childcare did not affect their ability to attend.
  • 21% of participants said they wanted the PTA to focus on assisting teachers and staff.  The board will follow-up with teachers to discern where there is a need, to ensure this focus is fulfilled.

Direct Donate Campaign:  Leigh shared the results from the direct ask event which took place from November 21st – Jan 3rd. The more concentrated effort led to more funds being collected this school year compared to last school year.

  • 120 individuals/families donated directly to the PTA in November and December of 2016. The project involved five volunteers (~12 hours total) and raised $7620 to support the PTA projects.
  • The $7620 breakdown: Checks/cash donated totaled $5450, Crowdrise (online platform) was $2635, and expenses were $465. Leigh would like to see us maintain both check/cash and online avenues for giving in 2017/2018, given the breakdown of how funds came in. Leigh also stated it was worth exploring PayPal versus Crowdrise as an online payment option next time, as there is a tradeoff in card fees vs convenience that should be at least considered.
  • Thank you’s to all volunteers on this campaign were extended, included: Leigh Greenwood (project lead), Sarah Millar (writing and advising on promotions), Alex Stokman (lead bookkeeping), Maggie Angle (assisting with bookkeeping), Janel Chin (volunteer recruitment), Stacey Jehle (backpack charm giveaway), and Jen Jencso (backpack charm giveaway).

Carnival: MARCH 10, 2017—-Save the Date —-

The largest fundraiser of the year that the PTA conducts is the Spring Carnival and Silent Auction.  This year there will be concessions, silent auction items, and free kid activities may include either live music or a DJ, and also a more calm/quiet movie area. Volunteers will be needed on the following teams as well as the night of March 10th. Teams were formed to coordinate all aspects of the Spring Carnival:

  • Auction – Maggie W, Janel, Anne T, and Michelle
  • Concessions – Erik and Alex
  • Music and Activities – Anne T, Anne G, and Erin
  • Swag – Molly C

Principal’s report (delivered by Maggie Ward on behalf of Principal Wright):  Missoula Children’s Theater will produce “Snow Queen” with RSE students Feb. 13-17, with a performance on Feb. 18. Principle Wright would like parents to provide snacks for afterschool practices and assist with the performance. More information to follow.

Family Connection Center (FCC) Report:  Jen Jencso

  • Announced the beginning of the Box Top collection contest Jan. 23- Feb. 6, where classrooms compete to collect the most Box Tops. Prizes awarded for first, second and third place.
  • Plan to send out an all-school survey called Parent Voice to gather opinions and information to help plan for the 2017-18 school year.
  • On Feb. 1st the FCC will host “Helping Children Cope with Divorce,” a program presented by Families First in the RSE Library. Childcare provided.
  • The FCC is starting a monthly Book Club on Feb. 22 from 2-3 p.m. This month’s book is “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen,” and copies will be provided.

Contact Jen Jencso via contact information on her staff page.

Next PTA meeting:  Wednesday, February 1st 2017 at 6:30pm in the FCC*

*Note that February meeting will be in FCC due to a separate event in the Library at the same time. Future meetings will be in the Library unless other conflicts arise.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

Minutes taken by Alex Stokman and proofread by Leigh Greenwood

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